Archaeology and Anthropology at ICE

Archaeology is the study of the past through the traces or material remains which survive into the present. Studying with ICE will help you develop your own archaeological expertise through the analysis of religious and ritual beliefs, death and daily life of past peoples by examining what they left behind.

We offer a broad range of short and part-time archaeology courses, for newcomers to the subject and for those who have studied archaeology before. We also offer a select number of short courses in anthropology, which involve the study of human society, culture and behaviour in the present.

Find out more about part-time qualifications in Archaeology - or see below for a full list of courses that are currently available.

Current courses

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Title Start Date Status
Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice in Architecture17 September 2015 Contact us
Undergraduate Certificate in Archaeology I6 October 2015 Available
Undergraduate Diploma in Archaeology II7 October 2015 Available
Undergraduate Diploma in Historic Environment I16 October 2015 Available
Undergraduate Certificate in the Study of Early Medieval England16 October 2015 Available
Googling the earth: online resources for discovering landscape archaeology26 October 2015 Contact us
Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Archaeology1 November 2015 Available
Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Historic Environment1 November 2015 Available
Rethinking the dead: the anthropology of death and burial16 January 2016 Available
Crusade in the north17 January 2016 Available
Relative strangers? The family and households in modern British society2 February 2016 Available
Ancient cultures of South America19 February 2016 Available
Daily life and the afterlife in ancient Egypt26 February 2016 Available
Viking Britain18 March 2016 Available
Tracing the origins of the British using genetics, linguistics and chroniclers1 April 2016 Available
Prehistoric Britain: an archaeological introduction8 April 2016 Available
Reading prehistoric figurines23 April 2016 Available
Research at the museums3 May 2016 Available
Urban experience, its history and its prospects20 May 2016 Available
The fall of the Roman Empire30 May 2016 Available
How do fossils record evolution? An exploration of the nature of the fossil record30 May 2016 Available
Tracing ancestry using DNA1 July 2016 Available
Learn to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs8 July 2016 Available