Archaeology and Anthropology at ICE

Archaeology is the study of the past through the traces or material remains which survive into the present. Studying with ICE will help you develop your own archaeological expertise through the analysis of religious and ritual beliefs, death and daily life of past peoples by examining what they left behind.

We offer a broad range of short and part-time archaeology courses, for newcomers to the subject and for those who have studied archaeology before. We also offer a select number of short courses in anthropology, which involve the study of human society, culture and behaviour in the present.

Find out more about part-time qualifications in Archaeology - or see below for a full list of courses that are currently available.

Current courses

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Title Start Date Status
History of archaeology III. The rise of civilisation20 July 2014 Available
Interdisciplinary Summer School Term II20 July 2014 Available
Ancient Egyptian mathematics and astronomy1 August 2014 Available
History of archaeology IV. Rome and China3 August 2014 Available
History of archaeology V. The Ancient Aztecs and Maya3 August 2014 Available
History of archaeology VI. The collapse of civilisation3 August 2014 Full
Interdisciplinary Summer School Term III3 August 2014 Available
The Roman garden: architecture, illusions and deities8 August 2014 Waiting list
Undergraduate Certificate in Archaeology II7 October 2014 Available
Undergraduate Diploma in Archaeology III8 October 2014 Available
Ordinary people and ordinary lives in the Roman world10 October 2014 Available
Googling the earth: online resources for discovering landscape archaeology27 October 2014 Available
Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Archaeology1 November 2014 Available
The architecture of ancient empires14 November 2014 Available
Rome: from city to empire16 January 2015 Available
Protest, defiance and resistance in the Channel Islands, 1940––194516 January 2015 Available
Primate communication and the evolution of language23 January 2015 Available
The archaeology of ritual and religion in Iron Age Britain16 February 2015 Available
Punishment and crime: people of the workhouse, the prison and the camp24 February 2015 Available
Archaeology: prehistoric and Roman Britain in a day7 March 2015 Available
Ritual and religion in Iron Age Britain13 March 2015 Available
Introductory Babylonian20 March 2015 Available
Tracing ancestry using DNA10 April 2015 Available
Magnificent obsessions? Collectors through the ages14 April 2015 Available
Telling tales: interpreting museum collections for public engagement14 April 2015 Available
Introduction to Great War archaeology17 April 2015 Available
Exploring the cradle of Stonehenge3 July 2015 Available