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Title Start Date
History Summer School21 July 2013
History Summer School24 July 2011
History, memory and storytelling: prose and poetry of the 21st century3 August 2012
Hollywood and the Great Depression 1929 - 193920 May 2011
Hollywood films and racial stereotypes7 February 2014
Horace and lyric poetry8 February 2013
Horrid fables: the rise and development of the ‘Gothic’ in English literature27 January 2012
How did Christianity begin?10 June 2011
How does Shakespearean comedy work?14 August 2011
How far is up ?27 May 2011
Humps and bumps, houses and hedges26 February 2014
Humps, bumps, buildings and hedges: walking through history20 February 2013
Humps, bumps, buildings and hedges: walking through history.18 April 2012
Hunger: is it all in your mind?29 July 2012
IARU Global Summer Programme7 July 2013
IELTS Preparation Course8 July 2012
IELTS Preparation Course10 July 2011
Illustrating insects: butterflies, bees, moths and exotic beetles11 May 2012
Illustrating the wild flowers of Cambridgeshire8 July 2011
Imperial building in the Ancient World15 July 2012
Imperial building in the Ancient world14 July 2013
Imperialism and religion in Ancient India (cancelled)15 July 2012
Imperialism in the ancient world11 July 2011
Improve your Latin9 September 2011
In and out the workhouse: Victorian and Edwardian poverty issues21 September 2012
Inca and Aztec14 July 2013
Inca and Aztec8 July 2012
Indirect property investment (Property Investment courses)20 May 2013
Infectious disease and the immune system17 July 2011
Interdisciplinary Summer School Term I9 July 2012

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