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Title Start Date
Key moments in Shakespeare9 July 2012
King James VI and I21 July 2013
King John and Magna Carta14 November 2014
King, barons and people: the making and meaning of Magna Carta5 August 2012
Kingdom and conquest: forging Protestant Ireland, 1540-180027 July 2014
Kings, courts and country houses: a history of art collecting1 August 2014
Knowing the world through (ancient) mathematics13 July 2014
Kyd, Marlowe and Shakespeare: beginnings of English tragedy12 April 2013
Land of the Tsars: Imperial Russia and the origins of the Russian Revolution, 1825–19178 February 2013
Landscape, imagery and national identity in the poetry of the British Isles8 July 2013
Language: what is it, who has it and why did it evolve?7 December 2012
Leaders and leadership in the military context22 July 2012
Leaders, ideas and conflict16 April 2013
Legacies of war11 February 2013
Legacies of war22 February 2012
Legacies of war: online seminar group3 April 2012
Leonard Bernstein: the complete musician22 November 2013
Leonardo da Vinci at the court of Milan20 April 2012
Liberty, equality and anarchy: themes in contemporary political philosophy25 April 2014
Life choices: the theories of Freud, Berne, Ellis and others18 January 2013
Life Coaching22 April 2013
Life coaching21 April 2014
Literature and Romantic music21 March 2014
Literature Summer School6 July 2014
Literature Summer School Term I and Term II7 July 2013
Literature Summer School Term I and Term II8 July 2012
Living film - a life in pictures?20 July 2014
LLB and Diploma in Law Revision Programme24 March 2014
LLB and Diploma in Law Revision Programme26 March 2012
LLB and Diploma in Law Revision Programme8 April 2013

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