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Title Start Date
More's Utopia17 July 2011
More's Utopia8 July 2012
More's Utopia21 July 2013
Mozart and his operas25 October 2013
Mozart and the piano10 February 2012
MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching1 September 2012
MSt in Creative Writing8 October 2013
MSt in International Relations16 September 2013
Music and literature of World War I12 April 2013
Music at the court of Frederick the Great4 April 2014
Music for the movies15 March 2013
Music from the court of Louis XIV: its performance practice and its influence on J S Bach18 October 2013
Music in Hamburg in the 17th and 18th centuries13 April 2012
Music, magic and mysticism21 September 2012
Musical superpowers: 'New World symphonies'27 May 2011
Mussolini and Italian Fascism29 July 2012
Myth and Redemption in Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen13 January 2012
Napolean and his enemies5 August 2012
Napoleon and his enemies31 July 2011
Napoleon and his enemies24 July 2011
Napoleon and his enemies20 April 2012
Nordic Noir: ice crime15 June 2012
Oedipus at Thebes and Colonus4 November 2011
Oliver Cromwell8 July 2011
Oliver Cromwell and John Milton: parallel lives2 November 2012
Order in disorder: mathematical theories22 July 2012
Origins of the Europeans: genetics, linguistics and archaeology7 March 2014
Osteoarchaeology: the study of ancient human remains9 March 2012
Our evolving world: the contribution of materials science7 July 2013
Painting autumn berries and fruits16 August 2013

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