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Kings, courts and country houses: a history of art collecting1 August 2014
Knowing the world through (ancient) mathematics13 July 2014
Lady Margaret Beaufort: mother, patron and saint4 September 2015
Landscape, imagery and national identity in the poetry of the British Isles8 July 2013
Languages and Cultures: sampling Chinese and Spanish25 January 2015
Latin America in the wider world since 180026 July 2015
Leonard Bernstein: the complete musician22 November 2013
Liberty, equality and anarchy: themes in contemporary political philosophy25 April 2014
Life coaching14 September 2015
Life coaching21 April 2014
Light and darkness in the late operas of Richard Wagner8 January 2016
Lines in the landscape: decoding boundaries27 February 2015
Literature and Romantic music21 March 2014
Literature Summer School6 July 2014
Literature Summer School Term I and Term II7 July 2013
Living film - a life in pictures?20 July 2014
Living film - a life in pictures?19 July 2015
LLB and Diploma in Law Revision Programme24 March 2014
Local History: an introduction24 January 2015
London and Wise: aiming to suit with Versailles10 January 2014
Looking at architecture: a viewer’s guide30 May 2014
Loves in literature from Shakespeare to Seamus Heaney2 August 2015
Mad or bad? Approaches to crime solving in Henry James's The Turn of the Screw and Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles27 July 2014
Magic in antiquity25 April 2014
Magic, demons and ghosts in the Greek and Roman worlds7 July 2013
Magic, demons and ghosts in the Greek and Roman worlds13 July 2014
Magic: in history and culture25 February 2014
Major lyrics of the 17th century26 July 2015
Major lyrics of the 17th century20 July 2014
Making and 'reading' medieval manuscripts11 August 2013

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