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Title Start Date
Medicine and miracles in the Roman Empire13 July 2014
Medieval architecture in Cambridge10 August 2014
Medieval castles12 August 2012
Medieval castles and fortified houses19 October 2012
Medieval English saints11 August 2013
Medieval English saints and their cults12 August 2012
Medieval Fenland19 October 2012
Medieval Fenland15 January 2014
Medieval Latin for beginners26 October 2012
Medieval Latin for beginners18 October 2013
Medieval Latin II2 May 2014
Medieval London12 August 2012
Medieval masterclasses: medieval Latin II12 July 2013
Medieval paintings: how they were made and what they mean6 December 2013
Medieval palaeography for beginners7 September 2012
Medieval palaeography for beginners29 November 2013
Medieval queenship1 November 2013
Medieval Studies Summer School3 August 2014
Medieval Studies Summer School5 August 2012
Medieval Studies Summer School4 August 2013
Medieval villages, pastures and fields12 April 2013
Medieval wall paintings20 April 2012
Meet the Spartans2 November 2012
Memory: psychological and neurobiological perspectives28 July 2013
Memory: pyschological and neurobiological perspectives27 July 2014
Michelangelo to Monet: final statements27 June 2014
Milton and the idea of freedom: Paradise Lost in context4 August 2013
Milton and the idea of freedom: Paradise Lost in context3 August 2014
Milton the revolutionary: Paradise Lost and the forging of the modern world (cancelled)9 July 2012
Modern British sculpture31 May 2013

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