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Title Start Date
Making paintings – nuts and bolts and cosmic secrets5 August 2012
Making sense of poetry8 July 2012
Making sense of poetry15 July 2012
Making sense of poetry7 July 2013
Making sense of poetry14 July 2013
Making sense of the Book of Revelation26 September 2014
Marine biology and conservation: exploring planet ocean25 January 2013
Mark: reading the whole Gospel4 April 2014
Marlowe the dramatic poet28 July 2013
Marvell, Milton and Paradise Lost29 July 2012
Masters of irony28 July 2013
Materials Science, energy generation and sustainability22 July 2012
Materials science, energy generation and sustainability21 July 2013
Materials science: what made man13 July 2014
Mathematics is not a spectator sport!7 February 2014
Mathematics: be a mathematician for a day1 March 2015
Matisse and Picasso: breaking boundaries 1900–195021 March 2014
Measuring Alfred's Greatness: Wessex and the beginnings of England24 January 2014
Medical ethics: controversy and consensus in a changing world13 September 2013
Medicine and miracles in the Roman Empire14 July 2013
Medicine and miracles in the Roman Empire13 July 2014
Medieval architecture in Cambridge10 August 2014
Medieval castles12 August 2012
Medieval castles and fortified houses19 October 2012
Medieval English saints11 August 2013
Medieval English saints and their cults12 August 2012
Medieval Fenland15 January 2014
Medieval Fenland19 October 2012
Medieval Latin for beginners18 October 2013
Medieval Latin for beginners26 October 2012

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