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Title Start Date
Undergraduate Diploma in Local History I10 October 2013
Undergraduate Diploma in Local History II4 October 2012
Understanding atoms: from the ancients to the present day7 January 2013
Understanding other minds through literature5 August 2012
Understanding poetry I. British Romantic poetry: the spirit of the age6 July 2014
Understanding poetry IV. Practical criticism20 July 2014
Understanding prophecy and prophetic movements in history and culture10 February 2014
Understanding Ravenna: the mosaics in context16 January 2015
Understanding the media in the Second World War18 January 2013
Unreliable narratives22 July 2012
Unreliable narratives29 July 2012
Urban Gothic: fearful city landscapes in fiction8 July 2012
Variations on the tragic27 July 2014
Verdi or Wagner?1 March 2013
Verdi: opera for all15 June 2012
Versions on the tragic15 July 2012
Victim identification: forensic anthropology25 October 2013
Victims and villains: the child and childhood in literature22 July 2012
Victorian Britain31 January 2014
Victorian myth and medievalism: the later Pre-Raphaelites14 September 2012
Vienna: its history in its architecture8 February 2013
Villages and their fields23 November 2012
Wagner's Parsifal and the quest for the Holy Grail12 September 2014
War and trauma in Greek tragedy27 July 2014
War in the shadows: a comparative study of T E Lawrence and Michael Collins21 November 2014
Ways into King Lear25 January 2013
What does it feel like to read this? I22 July 2012
What does it feel like to read this? I21 July 2013
What does it feel like to read this? II28 July 2013
What does it feel like to read this? II29 July 2012

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