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Title Start Date
Beginners' French: Meet the French9 April 2016
Beginners' Polish23 October 2015
Behind the scenes of history: the ordinary women who helped shape our world6 June 2014
Being creative with the truth: writing non-fiction I. Lives - past and present3 August 2014
Being creative with the truth: writing non-fiction II. Landscape, nature, travel10 August 2014
Biological Sciences: the story of four billion years of evolution in seven hours8 March 2015
Birds in autumn: their migrations and survival strategies8 November 2013
Birds in spring27 February 2015
Blake and Wordsworth3 July 2016
Bloody Mary? The reign and reputation of Mary I17 July 2016
Bloody Mary? The reign and reputation of Mary I29 August 2014
Britain and the Great War3 July 2016
Britain and the world since 19006 July 2014
Britain and the world since 19005 July 2015
Britain in the Great War20 July 2014
Britain's global decline, 1900-20003 July 2016
Britain’s leaders: the challenge of governing in the 21st century31 July 2016
British America, from the Tudors to Independence17 July 2016
British gardens between the wars: 1918–19392 May 2014
British political thought, 1600-18003 July 2016
Buddhism and Islam17 October 2014
Building an identity in the ancient world5 July 2015
Buried treasure: the power of the art of the first millennium in Rome and Byzantium7 March 2014
Burning convictions: a brief history of medieval heresy10 January 2014
Calculation: a cultural and historical perspective27 June 2014
Cambridge English for Academic Purposes6 July 2014
Cambridge explorations: following in the footsteps of Cambridge's scientific explorers30 April 2014
Cambridge wives: influential women in Victorian Cambridge19 February 2016
Can we geoengineer the climate?6 July 2014
Can we geoengineer the climate?19 July 2015

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