Mr Jon Phelan

Panel Tutor for the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education

Jon has taught philosophy for a number of years to a variety of audiences (from primary to post-grad). He is currently Head of Philosophy at Hills Road Sixth Form College, supervises for the philosophy faculty at Cambridge University and is engaged in doctoral research in the philosophy of literature at the Open University. He is author of Philosophy: Themes and Thinkers (CUP 2005) and has published papers and presented on a range of philosophical themes, the most recent being: religious language, the is-ought gap, Wittgenstein and the problem of other minds, issues in the literary cognitivist debate and metaphor.

Courses Taught

Past Courses



  • Phelan, J.W (2005) Philosophy: Themes and Thinkers, Cambridge, CUP
  • Phelan, J ‘From “Is” to “Ought Not”: how Dennett and Dawkins commit the naturalistic fallacy’.

Journal article

  • Phelan, J ‘Who’s Afraid of Friedrich Nietzsche? Effective and Ineffective Criticisms’ Think Number 26, Volume 9, Autumn 2010
  • Phelan, J.W ‘The Face in the Figure: An examination of the central metaphors in Franz Rosenzweig’s The Star of Redemption’ in Dialogue and Alliance, vol. 19, no. 2 Fall/Winter 2005/06
  • Phelan, J. W ‘Unity in Trinity: Some reflections on the Doctrine of the Trinity in Jewish-Christian Relations’ in Dialogue and Alliance, vol.17, no. 1 Spring/Summer 2003
  • • Phelan, J ‘From “Is” to “Ought Not”: how New Atheists commit the naturalistic fallacy’.


  • MA in Jewish-Christian relations:, University of Cambridge

Associations and memberships

The British Society of Aesthetics

The Aristotelian Society

OUDCE philosophy society

Research Topics

Literary Insight: Understanding Other Minds through Literature.

Nietzsche and Wittgenstein

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