Dr James Grime

Former Enigma Project Officer, Millennium Mathematics Project, Department of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge; Mathematician, Lecturer and Public Speaker.

James Grime is a lecturer and public speaker. Formerly of the University of Cambridge, and now running The Enigma Project. James can can be mostly found on YouTube with his videos about mathematics, or touring the UK and the world giving public talks about the history and mathematics of code breaking.

Courses Taught

Past Courses


  • The hook fusion procedure and its generalisations. 2007 (Thesis)

Journal article

  • 'The hook fusion procedure for Hecke algebras'. 2007, Journal of Algebra. 309(2):744-759
  • 'The Hook Fusion Procedure'. 2005, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. 12(1)

Research Topics

James currently works as a lecturer and public speaker in maths communication, giving public talks and lectures on a number of subjects in mathematics, particularly cryptography, to all types of audiences, including universities, schools, and the general public.

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