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Please note that this course has started and enrolment is no longer possible.

This course is part of the Science Summer Programme.

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Ever feel that you are going round in circles? Does time pass you by faster than it should? If the answer is yes, then this is the course for you. We will solve puzzles both mathematically and practically in topics such as gyroscopic motion, time dilation and length contraction alongside answering questions like can you ride a bicycle in a vertical loop-the-loop? Can we stay younger for longer? Taught in the Cavendish Laboratory (2.2km, c.30 mins walk, c.20mins bus). Requires a knowledge
of differential calculus and some integral calculus as well as fluency in high school level algebra and geometry.


Course dates

16 Jul 2018 to 20 Jul 2018

Course duration

1 week(s)

Apply by

25 Jun 2018

Course director


International Summer Programmes
Sidgwick Site
01223 760850

Teaching sessions

Meetings: 5

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