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The coverage by this team of subject specialists, renowned globally for their work in this field, will include adaptations to extreme-cold terrestrial and marine environments by mammals, birds and invertebrates; the genes and genomics of polar organisms; evolution; Antarctic dinosaurs, and the fossils found in these unique habitats. This is a team taught course led by Professor Lloyd Peck. Some individual sessions will be taught by: Professor Peter Convey, Dr Ian Staniland and Dr Alistair Crame. Includes a visit to the British Antarctic Survey (3.2 km, c.40 mins walk, c.20 mins bus/walk).


Course dates

09 Jul 2018 to 13 Jul 2018

Course duration

1 week(s)

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25 Jun 2018

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International Summer Programmes
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01223 760850

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Meetings: 5

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