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About our courses

ICE provides a diverse range of academic and professional courses in education and social science including non-accredited short courses, accredited programmes in the areas of coaching, educational assessment and social sciences, and Master’s level study in Advanced Subject Teaching.

Our growing range of courses in education and social science offers something for the newcomer interested in understanding aspects of contemporary Britain, including for example the causes of juvenile delinquency and crime, and professional development opportunities for those working in schools, colleges, universities and related organisations. We seek to provide courses based in the highest quality research which are accessible, engaging and relevant.

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Part-time undergraduate qualifications

Undergraduate Certificate in Sociology, Politics and Psychology will provide you with a disciplinary-based introduction to Sociology, Politics and Psychology. You will explore research evidence and theories which attempt to explain identity construction, individual and group behaviour, and power and political relationships in modern societies.

Part-time postgraduate qualifications

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is designed for Cambridge staff and takes an enquiry-based approach to exploring challenges in teaching and learning in higher education in Cambridge and beyond, as identified by its participants. The course is delivered in collaboration between the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education and the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education has been designed collaboratively by the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education and the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine’s Clinical Deanery. The Postgraduate Certificate is a one-year, part-time Master’s-level programme resulting in 60 FHEQ Level-7 credits and the University of Cambridge award.

MSt in Advanced Subject Teaching has been designed to help English and History teachers develop their subject knowledge and enhance their professional and academic standing. It provides a two-year, part-time route to a full University of Cambridge Master’s degree.

Bursaries and student loans available

If you are new to higher education, you could be eligible for a bursary award. You will also be able to pay your fees in instalments, and you may also have access to part-time student loans.

How to apply for bursaries and loans

Education and social science tutors

Dr Nigel Kettley​

​Nigel Kettley is a University Senior Lecturer and ICE’s Academic Director in Education and Social Science. His teaching involves a wide range of social science courses related to education, social class and crime, but his primary areas of research expertise relate to the patterns and causes of differential educational attainment, widening participation to higher education, theory building in educational research, and conceptualising and explaining differential educational practice.

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If you're thinking of applying but aren't sure what to expect, why not read what some of our recent students have to say about their experience of studying here?

Read what our students say.

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