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The Institute's history courses are always popular and reflect the breadth and depth of the University's scholarship in this area. We offer a range of ancient, medieval and modern history courses.

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Part-time qualifications in History, Politics and International Relations

Undergraduate Certificates

Undergraduate Certificate in Local History I (2016/17) begins with an introduction to local history, in order to provide you with some of the key skills and concepts used by local historians.

Undergraduate Certificate in Social Sciences (2016/17). This course will provide you with a disciplinary-based introduction to Sociology, Politics and Psychology. You will explore research evidence and theories which attempt to explain identity construction, individual and group behaviour, and power and political relationships in modern societies.

Undergraduate Certificate in the Study of Medieval England (2016/17). This certificate supports students in developing an interdisciplinary overview that uses this range of material to address large questions: the complexity of changing power relationships between lords, gentry and peasants; the influence of dramatic climate change and deadly epidemics on social and economic structures; agricultural conservatism and innovation in attempts to meet these challenges; and the importance of changes in ideas expressed in art and religion in cultural transformation.

Part-time Master's degrees

MSt in International Relations (2017/19). The Master of Studies (MSt) in International Relations is a part-time course designed for mature students from, for example, industry, teaching, the civil service or the armed forces, but we also welcome recent graduates wishing to undertake postgraduate study.

Bursaries and student loans available

If you are new to higher education, you could be eligible for a bursary award. You will also be able to pay your fees in instalments, and you may also have access to part-time student loans.

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History, Politics and International Relations tutors

Dr Mike Sewell

Mike Sewell is University Lecturer and ICE's Academic Director in History and International Relations. He is co-Director of the MSt in International Relations, in which he teaches the International History course. His research interests lie primarily in the history of US foreign relations and he has published a book called The Cold War (CUP, 2002).

History tutors

History courses at ICE are taught by tutors whose work spans a wide range of areas. Our current tutors’ interests include (to take a few examples) English social history, the history of Victorian England, naval and military history, intelligence history, the history of the monarchy and ancient Sparta.

What our students say

If you're thinking of applying but aren't sure what to expect, why not read what some of our recent students have to say about their experience of studying here?

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