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Studying religion at ICE is about thinking and then, thinking again ... about pretty much everything. We offer a wide range of courses, encompassing a number of different religious traditions, approaches and issues. Whether you are drawn to study of early Christianity, contemporary Hinduism, utopian sects, the philosophical problems raised by belief or almost anything else to do with religion, you will find a course on the subject taught by some of the leading thinkers in their fields.

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Religious Studies Tutors

Dr Justin J Meggitt

Justin Meggitt is ICE's Academic Director for Religious Studies, University Senior Lecturer in the Study of Religion and a Fellow of Wolfson College. He is a specialist in the religions of the Roman empire and the emergence of Christianity but also researches and teaches in other areas too, including the reception of Islam in early modern Europe, apocalypticism and new religious movements.

Religious Studies tutors

Courses in religious studies at ICE are taught by tutors whose work encompasses an enormous range of subject areas and reflects both traditional fields, such as Biblical studies or the study of the Reformation, and more recent areas of academic interest, such as the critical issues raised by the phenomenon of 'non-religion' and interfaith encounter. Cambridge contains a large and diverse concentration of expertise in the study of religion, and ICE is very fortunate to offer courses that reflect this.

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