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Course and seminar allocation

If your first choice is full when you apply, you will be allocated to your second choice of course or seminar. You will be allocated to your third choice of course only if necessary. We reserve the right to alter details of any course or seminar should illness or emergency prevent a Course Director from teaching. In such circumstances, we will endeavour to provide a substitute of equal standing. Should a course, or seminar, have to be cancelled due to very low enrolment or last-minute unforeseen circumstances, any participant enrolled on that course, or seminar, will be contacted immediately, and an alternative course, or seminar, place arranged.

Course/seminar change

An administration fee of £20 is charged for each course (seminar) change made by any student who wishes to change from one course (seminar) to another (where places are available and within the same programme). Please note: course changes cannot usually be made once a course has started and ELLM students are not able to change their seminars once they have arrived in Cambridge.

Programme/term change

Any registered student who wishes to change from one programme/term to another (whether that change is for one-week or two-week attendance) is charged an administration fee of £50. Any student who wishes to change from one week to another within the same programme/term is charged an administration fee of £20.


An evaluation fee of £50 is charged for the assessment of written work in one course/seminar. The charge for each additional essay is £50. Once an application has been accepted, fees cannot be refunded if a student decides not to submit an essay.

Certificate of attendance

We reserve the right to retain certificates of attendance if fees are still outstanding on completion of programmes. Should you not wish to collect your certificate at the closing dinner then a standard charge of £5 will be charged for your certificate to be posted via non-tracked mail.


Appeals procedures are in place for participants on the University's International Summer Programmes who undertake written work for evaluation. Details of these are in the Student handbook.


Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If requested in advance, couples will be assigned to adjacent single rooms where possible. Double rooms are not available. There is an extremely limited number of twin en suite rooms in Clare College and Selwyn College. Please contact us for further information before applying.

All rooms must be vacated after breakfast on your departure date. We reserve the right to pass on to students any charges levied for any loss or damage to College property, including for lost keys.

Non-residential attendance is also possible. The Cambridge Tourist Information Centre is able to provide information about accommodation. The University can accept no responsibility for finding accommodation for those applying for non-residential places.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide College accommodation before or after your programme. If you wish to make your own arrangements, we suggest you contact: or

Accommodation allocation

If your first option is full, you will be allocated to your second or third choice. These alternatives must be indicated on your application form and allow us to allocate you a room, without the need to contact you or delay your application. On the application form please confirm that we may charge your debit/credit card for the difference, if your second or third choice is more expensive than your first. Specific room requests are passed to the Colleges, who try to fulfil your requirements, but as rooms are allocated in order of acceptance this is not always possible. Room sizes may vary considerably.

Please note: We regret that are unable to inform you of your specific room allocation before your arrival, nor are the Colleges.

Accommodation between consecutive programmes/terms

Those attending two, or more, consecutive programmes/terms will automatically have their College accommodation booked for the extra night(s) between and be charged accordingly. Please indicate on your application form if you do not want these extra nights, in which case you will be asked to vacate and clear your room.

Special requirements

We make every effort to accommodate the needs of those with special dietary or medical requirements. If the College to which you have been allocated cannot meet your requirement, we will offer you accommodation in a different College. Please indicate on your application form whether you have any special requirements and we will contact you for further information.

Medical insurance

Your home country may have an arrangement with the UK so that medical care is free. If it does not, you must take out medical insurance to ensure you are covered during your stay, particularly if you have known medical needs that may require attention. Medical costs are expensive and payment is often needed at the time of treatment.

Travel insurance

You must take out travel insurance to cover yourself for your return journey and the duration of your stay. It should cover any expenses incurred as a result of lost or stolen property, late arrival, early or delayed departure, or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. For our refund and cancellation policy see below. The University accepts no liability for loss or damage to student property.

Building works

We can accept no responsibility for building works but will attempt to minimise any disruption.

Removal from premises

If, in the reasonable opinion of ICE, the presence of any client, tutor, student or delegate is, or is deemed likely to be, an impediment to the provision of any service of ICE, or brings ICE (and/or the University of Cambridge) into disrepute, ICE may exclude such a person from all or part of the service. In these circumstances the Institute will return any fee paid by or for the individual, but there will be no further liability of the Institute.

The University's International Summer Programmes are an embodiment of our mission 'to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence'.

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge

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