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The University is globally renowned for scientific achievement and innovation. We draw on this expertise to offer courses to inform and inspire, whether unlocking the past, or glimpsing the future.

Weekend Courses

31 May-2 June 2019
Human diversity from a genetic perspective Dr Mircea Iliescu

21-23 June 2019
Rocks, minerals and fossils: an introduction to geology Dr Peter Sheldon

13 July 2019
The science of distillation​ William Lowe

14 July 2019
The science of cooking Stuart Farrimond

6-8 September 2019
Renaissance arts and sciences Piers Bursill-Hall

1-3 November 2019
Skeleton keys: unlocking the past using bones, biomarkers and bioinformatics
Dr Jenna Dittmar, Dr Barbora Hroch, and Dr Lingyan Chen

1-3 November 2019
Marvellous mushrooms and fascinating fungi Dr Patrick Harding

13-15 December 2019
The frontiers of astronomy, 2019 Dr Robin Catchpole

10-12 January 2020
Fatal attraction, the darker side of plants Caroline Holmes

15-17 May 2020
The Scientific Revolution Piers Bursill-Hall

12-14 June 2020
Extinctions: crises in the history of life Dr Peter Sheldon

24-26 July 2020
Take three trees: Ash, Mountain Ash and Alder Dr Patrick Harding

Short Weekends

16-17 November 2020
Stars: building blocks of the Universe Dr Sonali Shukla

16-17 May 2020
Music and astronomy Timothy Watts and Dr Matthew Bothwell

Sunday-Monday Courses

19 May 2019
Fossils and the history of life Dr Peter Sheldon

Day Schools

31 May 2019
Biotechnologies - modern day life changers
Dr Donata Iandolo, Dr Céline Labouesse, Dr Charlie Morgan and Dr Nicole Weckman

1 June 2019
Infection and Immunity in plants and animals Aleksandr Gavrin and Panchali Kanvatirth

8 June 2019
Plant hunters that transformed our gardens Dr Sandy Primrose

16 June 2019
Mathematics is not a spectator sport Dr Charles Gilderdale

16 June 2019
Our expanding Universe Dr Matt Bothwell

13 July 2019
The mystery of human behaviour Dr Peter Leadbetter

14 July 2019
The mystery of health behaviour Dr Peter Leadbetter

8 September 2019
Use and mis-use of oceans Professor Andrew Price

29 March 2020
How will future electronics change the world? Dr Gwen Wyatt-Moon

27 June 2020
Herbal traditions for health Julie Dore, Schia Mitchell Sinclair and Beverley Meredith-Bailey


5 November 2019 - Morning
Fireworks - the science and the history Dr Tom Smith

5 November 2019 - Afternoon
Fireworks - the science and the history Dr Mark Nicholls

21 January 2020 - Morning
Visions of the future Dr Hugh Hunt & Dr Paul Coxon

21 January 2020 - Afternoon
Visions of the future Dr Gwenhivir Wyatt-Moon & Dr Lewis Owen

3 March 2020 - Morning
New materials shaping the future Dr Darshil Shah

3 March 2020 - Afternoon
New materials shaping the future Dr Luisa Pedro

2 June 2020 - Morning
Examining intelligence Dr Paul Elliot

2 June 2020 - Afternoon
Examining intelligence Dr Kanta Dihal & Dr James Grime

16 June 2020 - Morning
Antarctica uncovered Dr Bryan Lintott

16 June 2020 - Afternoon
Antarctica uncovered Dr Jon Shears

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