Our Students

Who can apply?

Programmes are open to university students, professionals and those with other life experience; gap-year students preparing for university may also apply. Students must be accompanied by a parent/guardian if under 18 when the programme commences. 40% of participants are aged 25-85+. Around 50% of participants each year are current undergraduate or graduate students.

Students 2014 v1

Those currently attending university are often seeking to gain credit from their home institution; others with professions are looking to broaden their horizons and learn somethingnew during their summer break; others still are retired and epitomise the values of 'lifelong learning'.

Undergraduates, graduates and adult learners

Our students include teachers, scientists, writers, graduate and undergraduate students, journalists, researchers, executives, lawyers, bankers, home-makers, doctors and more. All share the common goal of wanting to extend their knowledge and discover new subjects.

An intellectual adventure

Our programmes are academically challenging and require participants to join in class discussion. Prior to arriving in Cambridge, our students are expected to prepare for their programmes. We provide course materials including reading lists with recommended texts and articles which participants can source and study before their classes commence. This essential preparation will increase enjoyment and enhance capacity for critical thinking.

All teaching for the Summer Schools is in English. Participants must meet our language requirements and be able to understand and follow arguments presented in written and spoken English at university level. Further information on the language requirements can be found on the Booking terms and conditions pages.