Our Programmes

With a wide variety of subject areas to choose from, you are sure to find something that suits your interests and needs. You can also combine programmes to build your own study schedule. Teaching blends classroom sessions with a series of theme-related plenary lectures and/or evening talks which will explore new ideas and extend your knowledge of your chosen subjects.

Choices 2014 v1

Interdisciplinary Summer School

The Interdisciplinary Summer School is split into three two-week terms. You can choose from a huge range of subjects, from philosophy to psychology, art history to  archaeology, international relations to international politics and many more. You choose two or three different courses per two-week term and can opt to do one, two or three terms.

Specialist Summer Schools

If you would prefer to study a specific subject area in more depth, our specialist programmes may interest you. We offer programmes focusing on: Ancient Empires, Science, Literature, History, Shakespeare, Medieval Studies, Creative Writing and the Hanseatic League.

Literature and Science each have two two-week Terms. The Hanseatic League programme is one week long. Students are very strongly advised to attend both weeks of the Creative Writing Summer School, but other specialist Summer School programmes can be attended one week only. You can also choose to combine two or three different programmes/terms to build your own schedule of two, three or more weeks in order to meet your needs and interests.

Cambridge English for Academic Purposes (CEAP) Summer Schools

We also run a Cambridge English for Academic Purposes programme for second language students who are already proficient in English and are looking to perfect their skills. The programme combines a two-week intensive personalised language skills course with attendance at a two-week Summer School: Interdisciplinary Term II, Literature Term II, Science Term II or History. CEAP participants are welcome to extend their stay a further two weeks, by registering for Shakespeare, Medieval Studies or Interdisciplinary Term III.

English Legal Methods Summer School

Find out more about our English Legal Methods Summer School run by colleagues in our Public and Professional Programmes division: CPD@ice.cam.ac.uk

Combining programmes

Combining programmes If you would like to study more than one specialist subject (eg, Literature with Shakespeare or Ancient Empires with History) or would like to study Science for four weeks, you can combine two or more programmes or terms.

You can also combine your Summer School with a weekend course at Madingley Hall.

Programme schedules

Each programme has its own individual study schedule.

Study for one week only

Most specialist programmes are two weeks in length, but all, with the exception of Creative Writing, can be taken for one week. This option allows participants to immerse themselves in a short, but intensive study period.