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We recognise that a variety of external factors can affect your ability to study part-time and where possible we will try to enable you to continue or complete your studies when you are able to do so. However, you should note that we cannot guarantee that particular courses will be identical in content or repeated in the same format, and some programmes must be completed within a specified time (see the course guide for more information).

In cases of particular and unforeseen difficulty, such as serious illness - your own or that of a close family member - or an unexpected change in personal circumstances, you may request to intermit, i.e. to take a break from your studies and return at a later date to complete them. You must normally have completed at least one course unit’s assessment to be permitted to intermit.

Financial difficulty will not normally be considered an appropriate cause for intermission.

If circumstances arise which cause you to consider intermitting from the course, it is important to discuss them first with your Course Director and/or Academic Director who may be able to offer you guidance and support. Your Academic Centre Coordinator can advise you of the options open to you.

To apply to intermit, please complete and submit the Intermission Request Form, found at, along with any documentary evidence. If you require a copy of this form in an alternative format please contact the Quality Governance Manager at If illness or a medical condition is cited, the request cannot be considered without supporting medical documentation.

Applications to intermit will be reviewed by the Head of Human Resources, Governance and Administration (or delegate) and the decision will be communicated to you via the Academic Centre Coordinator.

Intermitting students are required to accept the terms and conditions below:

  • If you wish to intermit part way through a termly unit, you will be required to attend and complete the whole of that unit upon returning to your studies. Therefore you cannot normally  intermit during the first term of a course.
  • If you have received permission to intermit you will be expected to return to study at the first available opportunity. Intermission can be carried forward to the next presentation of the course which is normally one academic year but may be less frequent. Please contact the Academic Director for further information.
  • If you are granted an intermission, course fees must be paid in full for the year - or for the course as a whole if you are taking a two year course - and will be held by ICE towards the course fees due on your return.

  • The course fees active at the time of return will apply and any shortfall between payments already made and the fees due at the time of return must be met by you.

  • ICE is committed to making every effort to enable you to complete your studies. However, ICE cannot guarantee to run any course in any particular year or to maintain the current format of a course to facilitate intermission.

  • You are obliged to contact your Academic Centre Coordinator to confirm your return to the course at least two months prior to your scheduled return and to request information regarding any outstanding fees.
  • You will be subject to the ICE policies and procedures active at the time of your return.

If you are an intermitting student, your access to the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for the unit(s) you have completed will be reduced to a read-only status and your access to the unit(s) from which you are intermitting will be suspended until your return to the course, when you will have full access again. 


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