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If you are paying for your course via funding from a third party, there are a number of things you should bear in mind before you apply.

Securing your place on the course

All students (regardless of funding source) must confirm and secure their place by providing payment of either a first instalment or full payment of course fees.

If somebody else is paying for your course

We will create an instalment payment plan which requires a minimum payment of the first instalment of the course fee only. However, we will still accept full payment if preferred. It is your responsibility to ensure that instalments are paid on time. You may wish to pay the instalments yourself and claim the money back from us once your funder has made the full payment.

If you have applied for a student loan

If you have applied for a student loan from the Student Loan Company (SLC) you may (depending on when you applied for your loan) be in receipt of your entitlement letter without conditions. If so SLC will pay your course fee directly to us.

If you are yet to receive your entitlement letter, you will be required to cover all instalments until the loan is confirmed. When you have sent us your entitlement letter, instalments will be refunded to you and subsequent instalments will be covered directly between SLC and the Institute.

*Please note that ICE is not a part of the 24+ loan scheme. Applicants should apply to the SLC.

If you cancel your place

Please note that in line with our standard refund policy, liability for course fees is with you and not your funder. All students are liable for one third of the course fee until 10 days after the start of the course, and the remaining two thirds of the course fee after 10 days. In the case that full payment has been made, no refunds will be made after 10 days. In the case of instalment payments, these would still be your responsibility.

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