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If you're looking to study part-time in 2018-19 for a University qualification, you may be eligible for a student loan from the government.

Undergraduate loans

Part-time students can apply to Student Finance England for a tuition fee loan of up to £6,935 to cover the cost of University fees.

In addition, for courses starting on or after 1 August 2018, part-time students can also apply for a maintenance loan, towards living costs. How much you can borrow depends on where you live while studying; your household income; and your course intensity.

For part-time students to be eligible for these loans, the course of study must be equivalent to at least 25% of a full-time course each year – i.e. 25% course intensity. At ICE, our Undergraduate Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses are generally equivalent to 50% of full-time study. A course intensity of 25% equates to 30 CATS credits each year and 50% course intensity equates to 60 CATS credits each year. (CATS = Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme.)

Household income 25% intensity
50% intensity
75% intensity
£25,000 and below £2,175 £4,350 £6,525
£30,000 £2,019 £4,038 £6,057
£35,000 £1,863 £3,726 £5,589
£40,000 £1,707 £3,414 £5,121
£45,000 £1,551 £2,102 £4,653
£50,000 £1,395 £2,790 £4,185
£55,000 £1,239 £2,478 £3,717
£60,000 £1,083 £2,166 £3,248
£62,215 and above £1,014 £2,027 £3,041
Please note: actual figures are calculated by Student Finance England. This table is for guidance only and based on students living away from home.

If you receive a tuition fee loan, the funds will be paid directly to the Institute of Continuing Education.

If you receive a maintenance loan for living costs, the loan will be paid directly into your bank account.

Please note that you will not be eligible for a loan if you are studying for a lesser or equivalent qualification to one you already have.

Information on how to apply for either or both of these loans can be found on the GOV.UK website: Student finance: how to apply.

As loans can take some time to process, please apply as soon as you can. We will need to see your Student Entitlement Letter, which can be sent to the Admissions team by email:

Postgraduate loans

Are you thinking about starting a postgraduate Master’s course? A new postgraduate loan is now available to help you pay your course fee.

Am I eligible for a postgraduate loan?

  • you have to be studying a taught or research-based Master’s course
  • you can be studying at a university or college or by distance learning
  • your course can be two years long (for the equivalent one year full-time course) or up to four years long (for the equivalent two year full-time course)
  • you have to be under 60 at the start of the first academic year of your course; and
  • you must normally live in England.

If you’re an EU national, but don’t normally live in England you may still be able to get a postgraduate loan for a Master’s course at a University or College in England.

How much can I borrow?

You can apply for a postgraduate loan of up to £10,609 for courses starting on or after 1 August 2018. This will be a contribution towards your course fees and living costs while you’re studying, and has to be paid back.

If your course lasts for two or more years, you'll get the first half of the loan in your first year and the rest in your second year.

You’ll receive the first payment after your course start date when your registration has been confirmed by the University. Each year’s amount will be paid in three instalments of 33%, 33% and 34% across the year. The postgraduate loan is not based on household income and is paid directly to you.

How do I apply?

You can apply for a postgraduate loan for a Master’s course on the GOV.UK website: Master’s loan. You’ll only have to apply once, even if your course is longer than one year.

Further information about the postgraduate loan can be found on The Student Room website and on the GOV.UK website: Funding for postgraduate study.

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