Our programmes

Leading Cambridge academics deliver classroom sessions, themed plenary lectures and evening talks. Our programmes are academically rigorous and require you to prepare for your studies in advance. This will increase enjoyment and enhance your capacity for critical thinking.

Choices 2014 v1

Interdisciplinary Summer Programme

Our Interdisciplinary Programme which offers three two-week terms is the best choice for those who want to combine a variety of subjects including philosophy, economics, international politics and relations, literature, history, archaeology, art history and history of science.

Specialist Summer Programmes

For a more specialised study path we also offer programmes in: Ancient and Classical Worlds, Science, Literature, History, Shakespeare, Medieval Studies, Creative Writing and English Legal Methods. Most programmes run for two weeks, but one-week options are available for most. The English Legal Methods programme runs for four weeks.

Combining programmes

You can combine programmes/terms to build your own schedule of two, three or more weeks. For example, you can study two weeks of Literature followed by two weeks of Shakespeare, or Ancient and Classical Worlds followed by History.

You can also combine your Summer Programme with a weekend course at Madingley Hall.

Programme calendar

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