Cambridge Science Festival comes to Madingley Hall

On Sunday 25 March 2012, academics from the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) will be giving three talks as part of the country's biggest free science festival.


Programme of talks

10.00am: Evolution revolution

Dr Ed Turner, ICE Teaching Officer in Biological Sciences

Learn how natural selection explains the origin of adaptation in living organisms and discover the roles that sexual and kin selection play in the evolutionary process. Together we will explore the recent revolution in thinking about evolutionary biology.

11.15am: Schrödinger’s cat repackaged

Emily Caddick, ICE Teaching Officer in Philosophy

In the infamous ‘Schrödinger’s cat’ thought-experiment, a cat is put in a box with a hammer poised to smash a bottle of poison. Is the cat alive or dead? Common sense says that it is one way or the other. Quantum mechanics seems to suggest that, unless we look in the box to see, it is neither determinately alive nor determinately dead. But what does this mean? This talk will suggest a new account of how to understand what’s going on, and of what we can say about the cat’s state before opening the box.

12.30pm: Deconstructing structures

Dr Erica Bithell, ICE Teaching Officer in Physical Sciences

From steel and concrete to silicon chips and liquid crystals, materials science has given us the building blocks of technology. We will take a look at the extraordinary microscopic structures inside some everyday materials, and see how these influence the uses to which they can be put.

About the Science Festival

The Cambridge Science Festival is co-ordinated by the Public Engagement team at the University of Cambridge. It is the largest free science festival in the UK, with over 35,000 people attending events in the 2011 Festival.

The 2012 Festival runs from 12 to 25 March and celebrates the Olympic and Paralympic Games with the theme ‘Breaking boundaries’. In includes more than 180 events, most of them free, which showcase the boundaries that are being broken in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Also at Madingley Hall

Madingley Hall also plays host to free public lectures by leading international thinkers and free concerts by University performers.

Madingley Lectures

The justice and imperative on girls' education in Africa – 5 March 2012, 7pm
Ann Cotton OBE, Founder and Executive Director of Camfed International

How might we protect the wages of the weak? – 20 June 2012, 7pm
Professor William Brown, Montague Burton Professor of Industrial Relations, University of Cambridge

Madingley Concerts

Wind quintet and piano trio – Sunday 11 March 2012, 2.30pm

Musica 432: a feast of early music – Sunday 22 April 2012, 2.30pm

Ishirini: choral music by Byrd and others – Sunday 3 June 2012, 2.30pm