Time Team enlists the help of ICE archaeologist

Channel 4's Time Team joined forces with ICE's Dr Gilly Carr this weekend to uncover the forgotten legacy of the Nazis' five-year occupation of Jersey.

In Hitler's Island Fortress, screened on Sunday 27 February, the Team investigates a German anti-aircraft battery on a site now reclaimed by forest. Gilly’s expertise in ‘Occupation Archaeology’ comes to the fore as the dig progresses, and a horrifying picture emerges of a fortress island where installations were built by slave labour and the local population was left to starve.

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Gilly Carr is Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education (ICE). She has pioneered the new concept of 'Occupation Archaeology' using the German occupation of the Channel Islands as her case study.

About Dr Gilly Carr

On 19 June, Gilly will be teaching a day school at Madingley Hall on 'The legacy of Occupation: bunkers, ghosts and swastikas in the Channel Islands'.

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