Theory Building in Educational Research

Book by Dr Nigel Kettley, Continuum, London and New York, 224 pp., paperback, ISBN: 9781441198778

Published April 2012 in UK and May 2012 in USA

This volume provides comprehensive guidance on the subjects of concept generation and theory building in educational research. By deploying the conceptual, methodological and theoretical principles of the Cambridge School of Sociology, that underpin a range of contemporary empirical research, the author shows how theory building, and theory, in contemporary educational research is in a state of crisis. In his compelling analysis, Nigel Kettley develops an alternative approach to theory building in educational research, and explores a radical new system for facilitating the growth of knowledge and the development of sound policy recommendations in education studies.


"Nigel Kettley has written a courageous, scholarly and easy to read wake up call for publicly-funded education research. If the argument in this book were widely accepted, and it should be, it would lead to a revolutionary and highly ethical improvement in the use of evidence for explanations."

Stephen Gorard, Professor of Education Research, University of Birmingham, UK

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