Psychology at ICE

Phrenology 150pxPsychology as a discipline covers an extremely wide range of topics, but can be simply described as the scientific study of mind and behaviour

We offer a growing range of psychology courses, including residential weekends, summer schools and fully online courses, suitable for both newcomers to the field and those who have studied psychology previously.

Our new Undergraduate Certificate in Cognitive Psychology is now approved and open for applications. This certificate will provide an insight into the study of psychology, with a particular focus on how the brain enables us to see, think and remember.

We also offer an Undergraduate Certificate in Social Sciences which includes a term on 'Psychology: identity, development and social behaviour'.

We are also pleased to introduce a new evening lecture series exploring cutting edge research in psychology and neuroscience and its impact on improving education and learning. The Psychology for educators: lecture series is for anyone with an interest in psychology and neuroscience in education, particularly teachers.

Current courses

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