Psychology at ICE

Psychology as a discipline covers an extremely wide range of topics, but can be simply described as the scientific study of mind and behaviour.  We offer a growing range of psychology courses, including residential weekends, summer schools and fully online courses, suitable for both newcomers to the field and those who have studied psychology previously.

Phrenology1_200pxPsychology tutors

Psychology courses at ICE are taught by tutors whose work spans a wide range of areas. Our current tutors’ interests include (to take a few examples) qualitative research methods, autism, existential psychotherapy and death and bereavement.

Psychology links

The British Psychological Society - the representative body for psychology and psychologists in the UK.

Department of Experimential Psychology - Located in central Cambridge on the Downing Site, the Department of Experimental Psychology is part of the School of the Biological Sciences in the University of Cambridge.

Department of Social and Developmental Psychology - University of Cambridge

Current courses

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