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Nancy Clemance

Having achieved 10 Creative Writing credits 9 years ago, I returned to the ICE website for inspiration to learn again. After 10 years mentoring and supporting visual artists and young people, I was thrilled to see ICE had the kind of rigourous, accredited Diploma in Coaching course that seemed worth my commitment. The course fulfilled and exceeded my expectations, and has supported me to work with creative professionals in a much more constructive way that has long-term impact. Thanks to the team and my fellow students.

Dr Ralph Bietz

Studying and researching at Cambridge was an amazing experience, from the intellectual experience to its amazing history and legacy that you are exposed to ... All the skills in my curriculum have aided my career development and advancement. It was a lifechanging investment.

Giovanna Spinazzola

Studying with ICE has been a wonderful experience. It has been both an intellectual and an emotional challenge. The cultural mix and the brilliant people made me walk the extra mile in my personal development journey.

Dario Ostojic

When I look at what education and Cambridge means to me, it’s about personal development, not prestige. The course has made me more aware of my own thinking, patterns of behaviour, and listening. There’s a big difference between hearing and listening. It’s a real skill and takes a lot of energy.

I’d like to return to Cambridge to study in future. I love the history and the architecture, and the fact that there are so many museums and cultural events in such a small place. And there are so many young people, studying diverse subjects and interested in intellectual study. It’s fantastic to be around smart people!

Kevin Chan

I have several degrees in computer science, business and technology management. I am an independent consultant and I manage IT projects for big corporations. I interact with many people including business and IT executives, end users, IT developers and software solution vendors, to name a few.

I always thought I had higher potential but had not been able to tap into that. I was trying to enhance my ability to learn and my ability to help others to improve their performance.

This program was a real eye-opener for me. I got to experience the power of executive/life coaching first-hand. The tutor demonstrated his excellent knowledge in the field and showed us the skills that made a difference. I found the workshops both interesting and spontaneous, and my fellow students extremely supportive. I could relate to the theories being discussed and I really enjoyed the demonstrations and coaching sessions. I will recommend this program to people who are interested in improving performance, whether it’s their own or that of people they interact with.

I gained insight into coaching through the theories and practice on how to improve performance. I learned how to observe from different perspectives and be non-judgemental. The program gave me new conversation topics and also provided me the credentials to potentially venture into a different career. What’s more, the workshops provided an unexpected break from my busy schedule. The perfect setting at Madingley Hall provided me opportunity for some soul searching.

Ang Thiam Hong

A well-balanced coaching programme that can be either standalone or an add-on to existing qualifications. What stood out most for me was the spontaneity and high enthusiasm of the good spread of international participants in all the face-to-face workshops, which I understand even surprised the workshop facilitator! The formal coaching qualification also enhanced my credibility as a life coach in private practice. And I certainly feel more confident!

Stanley Ng

Having experienced first-hand the benefits that can come from high-quality executive coaching during my career in banking, I was keen to equip myself with these skills. My search for the right programme proved harder than I expected.

I was disappointed by the coaching programmes that are available in the market, which appeared to me to be more focused on commercial objectives, sometimes at the expense of depth and quality. It was only after a few "wrong turns" that I found the Certificate in Coaching at Cambridge.

Apart from having an exceptional facilitator, the programme distinguishes itself through its commitment to academic depth alongside professional rigour and high standards. An added bonus is that you get to learn with and learn from a talented and diverse cohort of classmates. I found the experience most valuable and highly enjoyable and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who is serious about coaching.

Jenny Laird

I really enjoyed the opportunity to put into practice my coaching skills during the face-to-face sessions, where I could then receive critical and helpful feedback. It helped to solidify my skills and improve my understanding of coaching techniques and models.

The online study added an opportunity to further discussion from the face-to-face sessions and to share our individual learning through the assignments. The mixed teaching modes of the course really helped to engage and develop my coaching practice.

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