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Graham Burvill

I wasn't new to the whole HE experience, having achieved an unrelated degree from another university some years ago but this experience has been unique. Social sciences is a discipline I have always had a great interest in and the certificate provided me with the perfect opportunity to broaden my knowledge. Since completing my qualification at ICE I can honestly say that the whole experience has given me much more than just knowledge. I am currently seeking to build on what I have learned by heading into higher level study, having already been accepted to study at my first choice. Attending ICE has been a great experience, an experience I can be proud to have been a part of, having met friendly, engaging, intelligent and supportive people who like me have a real passion for the subject being taught. Madingley Hall itself is a beautiful, historic, characterful and inspiring place to learn and I have no doubt that I will be studying with ICE again in the future.

I am a graduate with a first class degree in creative arts and media which I achieved prior to study at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education. My career background up until now has been in management, which I look to build upon as I start a new career in research.

I began studying with ICE to broaden my knowledge in the social sciences, an area of study which I covered in my degree and have always held a considerable interest. After discovering the certificate course at ICE I decided to apply, to both realise an ambition and for professional career development. The reputation of the university was of course an obvious factor in my decision making process!

My experience of studying with ICE has been unforgettable. Not only have I met some wonderful people and fellow peers, whom I can happily call friends, but the quality of the course itself is of a very high standard. The lecturers encourage engagement and are passionate about the subject being taught, which for me made the learning experience a pleasurable one. The most memorable thing about ICE is of course the beautiful setting that is Cambridge. It is great attending lessons at Madingley Hall, as it is easily one of the most welcoming and awe inspiring locations that I have had the pleasure to attend. The place just oozes historical character and the view of the gardens is a delight.

I am currently underway with further study and I plan to continue academic social science research in the years ahead. Studying with ICE has certainly inspired my future career and it has given me a newly found confidence. Having gained substantial knowledge while studying with ICE I have been able to secure a place at my first choice university to study the subject in greater depth. This is something I am certain would not have been possible, had I not taken the opportunity to study with ICE. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my studies at the University of Cambridge ICE and I would not hesitate to study there again in the future.

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