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Dr Stacey Bedwell

Have you ever wondered what makes your course tutors tick? Inside ICE meets some of the Institute's new faces to find out more about them: from why they're fascinated by their specialist subjects to their hidden talents and even their desert island discs...

Dr Stacey Bedwell

Course: Undergraduate Certificate in Cognitive Psychology

Subject specialism: Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology

Why should people study this course?

The human brain is fascinating. In modern times its one of the few entities that we still know relatively little about, despite its importance. Neuroscience is a fast paced, exciting area of research, and there is always new information to learn from. 

How is this course relevant to our current world?

There remains to be a range of neurological and psychological deficits that are poorly understood, and therefore cannot be successfully prevented or treated in many cases. The continued research of how the brain works and develops continues to aid understanding of diseases and deficits, leading ever closer to prevention and cure of debilitating conditions.

Why are you interested in teaching adults in particular?

People and their circumstances change as they get older and move through life. I want to support opportunities to change career or pursue a new interest beyond the traditional university age.

What’s the best study advice you’ve ever been given?

Maintain a life-work balance (not a work-life balance.) Never let your studies become your entire life, regardless of how important they are.

What was your first job?

I worked in a coffee house when I was 16. 

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This was originally published in our Long-Vacation - Michaelmas 2021 issue of Inside ICE.


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