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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


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This course aims to develop students’ abilities in research methods and practices, their English language and academic literacy skills, and understanding of current and emerging themes in Business Management. In so doing, the course prepares students to undertake Master’s level study in higher education institutions in the UK or elsewhere.

75% of the 2020-21 cohort have gone on to Master's level studies at prestigious Russell Group institutions and other leading global universities, with one third being accepted to the University of Cambridge. Subjects they have chosen to study include: Business Administration, Environment and Sustainable Development, Criminology, Political Economy, Education, Social Anthropology, and Corporate Law. 

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Teaching & Assessment

Teaching will be delivered using a combination of the following formats;


The 3-hour face-to-face workshops will be split into small sessions covering research fundamentals, guided by the four current themes. 

Discipline-specific Research Seminars 

Workshops will be supported by discipline-specific 2-hour face-to-face research seminars. These are intended to deepen the understanding of research fundamentals in relation to the chosen research topic. 

Independent Learning

In addition students will be expected to deepen their knowledge and understanding outside the classroom through independent learning and reflection. 

In Unit 1, the themes will form the basis of weekly 3-hour workshops. The workshops will bring students together to explore research fundamentals based on specific case studies relevant to each theme. Students can utilise theme-based case studies in research seminars and supervisions to inform their own assignments and research.

In Unit 2, the themes explored in Unit 1 will be revisited and weekly 3-hour workshops will be structured around these themes with a focus on understanding research processes. In Unit 2, research seminars will analyse more deeply the theme-based case studies to equip students with knowledge and understanding of research processes.

In Unit 3, the exploration of current and emerging themes in research will be continued, as far as possible, through the presentations of current Postdoc, PhD and Master’s students and tutor-led summary presentations. This will help students to further understand the research context and the scale of conducting research projects in the relevant area. This will have the benefit of enabling students on the course to appreciate the level of research required to complete a PhD and Master’s at the University, or elsewhere, and allow students to network with a group of international researchers and students currently at Cambridge. It will also highlight potential employment opportunities after Master’s level study.


Unit 1 (30 credits):

Coursework. A systematic literature review, related to a Business Management research question.

Unit 2 (30 credits):

Coursework. A methodological essay or a mini-project

Unit 3 (60 credits):

Dissertation. Related to a Business Management research question/topic.

Unless otherwise stated, teaching and assessment for ICE courses are in English. If your first language is not English, please refer to our Information for Applicants pages for further guidance.

Course dates

03 Oct 2022 to 30 Jun 2023

Course duration

9 months

Apply by

28 Apr 2022

Course fee

Home: £19,000
Overseas: £19,000

Academic director


Various locations
United Kingdom

Qualifications / Credits

120 credits at FHEQ6

Course code