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The historic environment – created by human occupation and activity across the millennia – is, quite simply, the man-made landscapes within which we live. It includes earthworks and archaeological monuments, houses and churches, parks and gardens, fields and pastures, managed wetlands and watercourses, and so on. They make up a wealth of evidence surviving not only on the ground but also in maps and other documentary evidence, all just waiting for someone to interpret them. They allow us to see, however opaquely, a world that has been lost and sometimes to glimpse it as it may have been seen by those who created, amended and lived in landscapes that survive in fragments today.

Our courses provide a broad overview for beginners as well as the chance to begin to specialise. Offered in short, intensive study blocks, they are available to students both nationally and internationally.

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Undergraduate Certificates

Certificate in the Making of the English landscape: Landscape History and Archaeology Register Interest
Certificate in the Study of Early Medieval England Register Interest
Certificate in Archaeology of the Ancient World Register Interest
Certificate in Historic Building Conservation - new for 2019 Register Interest

Our Certificate courses are taught part-time over one year at first-year undergraduate level, and are open to all. Each is taught over six weekends with online support from the Institute's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Teaching takes place over two weekends each term through a blend of informal lectures and seminars, field trips and class discussion.

Undergraduate Diploma

Diploma in Archaeology: Death and the Ancient World Apply Now

Our Diploma courses are taught part-time over one year at first-year undergraduate level, and are open to all. By completing this course you will be awarded 60 credits at FHEQ Level 5. If you're unsure about whether you are suitable for a Certificate or a diploma course, please get in touch with us at

Undergraduate Advanced Diplomas

Advanced Diploma in Research in the Arts/Sciences Register Interest
Advanced Diploma in Research Theory and Practice Register Interest

Our Undergraduate Advanced Diplomas are research-based courses (FHEQ level 6), which give you the opportunity to work closely and collaboratively with qualified researchers in your field. You will be introduced to a research community and will begin to forge an identity as a researcher in your own right.

Bursaries and student loans available

If you are new to higher education,you could be eligible for a bursary award. You will also be able to pay your fees in instalments, and you may also have access to part-time student loans.

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Landscape History and Archaeology tutors

Our tutors, many with national and international reputations as landscape/garden archaeologists and historians, offer a range of courses in landscape and in garden history from prehistory to the modern day.

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