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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Anita Downey

Anita studied on the Creative Writing Summer Programme. 




As a change from my national and international commitments as a voice physician, it was refreshing to have time to listen and embrace the learning of others. The Creative Writing Summer Programme offered so much insight into how others imagined and wrote such diverse stories from the same given subject; exposure to so many minds and ideas was truly enriching. Lectures by experts on chivalry, punctuation to convey meaning, and Canterbury Cathedral, to name but a few, were all just so inspiring. The breadth of knowledge on offer was staggering. Conversations over breakfasts, in the classes, and with others on different disciplines were so beyond ‘normal’ that my mind never stopped buzzing. The friends I gained and the sheer joy of learning were in abundance. All this was so professionally offered in beautiful surroundings and with such friendly warmth and welcome that I will be going again for sure.



Rolando S. Dela Cruz

Rolando studied on the Ancient and Classical Worlds, Visual Art and Culture, and Business and Entrepreneurship Summer Programmes. 




I am a business man, but try constantly to educate my conscience with balanced perspectives. I’ve an MPhil from Cambridge, but continue to study. Genuine life-long learning is an accumulation of socio-centric experiences that enrich the lives of those involved. I collect artifacts from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome - enrolling in the Ancient and Classical Worlds Programme gave me an insight into what is artistic, cultural, historical and ethical. The Visual Arts and Culture Programme provided inter-cultural contexts and cross-influences in the arts - relevant to the school I run in the Philippines. The Business and Entrepreneurship Programme reframed my ideas in do-able ways that are economically progressive, technologically grounded, globally connected and imaginatively challenging. For me, the Institute of Continuing Education is a partner, making my life even more meaningful.



Leeanne Moriarty

Leeanne studied on the Business and Entrepreneurship Summer Programme. 




I have been wanting to attend a Summer Programme at the University of Cambridge for quite some time, and when I saw the new Business and Entrepreneurship Programme, I knew I had found the right course for me. It has been inspiring to hear from such qualified lecturers, and to study with such a wide range of age groups and nationalities - 33 countries in total - who all brought something to our discussions. Many are now my new friends and business colleagues! To live in the historic Gonville & Caius College, with the main streets of Cambridge on my doorstep, has been like a dream. To say that this has been a life-changing experience is an understatement - you would be crazy not to come!



Suzy Lantz

Suzy is the Women's University Club of Seattle Leader and has brought a group of students to our Summer Programme for several years.




Accompanying a group of between 14 and 23 motivated, good-humored adult students to the University’s International Summer Programmes each year brings me great pleasure. These are people who would say, “School would be so much fun if we just didn’t have tests and papers”. Well, here, they can attend just for the joy of learning. Even as adults - the people I bring can be somewhat tentative at first, finding their way to the beautiful dining hall and making it to classes on time. But in two short weeks they are totally committed to this programme - for the care it takes to hire great instructors and unearth exciting plenary speakers. I volunteer to do this so I can share something I love with like-minded people. I’m confident they will love it too – and they do!



William Cope

William studied on the Medieval Studies Summer Programme.




After the discovery in 2012 of the incredible coincidence that Dr Rowena Archer (Programme Director, Medieval Studies Summer Programme) lives in a 15th-century manor house built by an ancestor of mine with my same name, documented in the 2013 ICE volume commemorating the 90th anniversary of International Summer Programmes, I began researching the ancient members of the Cope family. This involved numerous visits to the Hampshire Records Office in Winchester and the Bodleian, plus a number of rare book and manuscript libraries in the US and England. The result of this research is a series of articles detailing ancient Copes and what was going on around them at the time. Two of these articles have been published in local historical society journals – one in Banbury’s Cake and Cockhorse and one in Northamptonshire Past and Present. Cambridge Summer School has had a huge impact on my life.