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Study specific historical figures, periods or events in detail. Eminent historians offer courses covering a wide range of themes in British, European and global history.

Weekend Courses

10-12 May 2019
Inside the Victorian family: everyday life in 19th-century England Liz Carter

7-9 June 2019
From Wellington to Haig: the British War, 1815-1918 Dr Sean Lang

26-28 June 2019
Attributes of a victory? Britain at war, 1939-1941 Dr Andrew Lacey

6-8 September 2019
Renaissance arts and sciences Piers Bursill-Hall

25-27 October 2019
D-Day 1944: the assault on Hitler's Europe Dr Andrew Lacey

7-9 February 2020
The Industrial Revolution Dr Samantha Williams

21-23 February 2020
Turbans and topis - the British in India Dr Seán Lang

6-8 March 2020
Charles II Dr David Smith

15-17 May 2020
The Scientific Revolution Piers Bursill-Hall

26-28 June 2020
Parliament and the Victorians Dr Seán Lang

Sunday-Monday Courses

19-20 May 2019
The Spanish conquest of Mexico: 1519 Dr Nicholas James

7-8 July 2019
Dying for their faith: martyrs and martyrdom in early modern Europe Dr Ceri Law

Day Schools

16 June 2019
Custer's last stand Dr Mark Felton

Tuesday Courses

1 October 2019 - Morning
Medieval culture Dr Scott Annett

1 October 2019 - Afternoon
Medieval culture Dr Seb Falk

3 December 2019 - Morning
Renaissance culture Dr Jessica Maratsos & Dr Raphael Lyne

3 December 2019 - Afternoon
Renaissance culture Dr Bettina Varwig

4 February 2020 - Morning
Baroque culture Dr Victoria Avery FSA & Dr Rodrigo Cacho

4 February 2020 - Afternoon
Baroque culture Evelyn Nallen & Dr Patricia Fara

10 March 2020 - Morning
18th-century culture Dr Louise Joy

10 March 2020 - Afternoon
18th-century culture Dr Matthew Bothwell & Dr Stefano Castelvecchi

12 May 2020 - Morning
19th-century culture Dr Ruth Abbott

12 May 2020 - Afternoon
19th-century culture Dr Chloe Valenti & Dr Hugh Hunt

9 June 2020 - Morning
20th- 21st-century culture Dr Jenny Bavidge

9 June 2020 - Afternoon
20th- 21st-century culture Timothy Watts

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