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Each Tuesday showcases the cutting-edge research of the University of Cambridge, focused on a specific study area – from medieval culture to futuristic materials and magical literature.

Tuesday Courses


24 September 2019 First Peoples

Morning Inky Gibbens & Dr Alex Partridge

Afternoon Dr Ian Chambers

1 October 2019 Medieval Culture

Morning Dr Spike Bucklow & Dr Scott Annett

Afternoon Dr Martin Dixon & Dr Seb Falk

29 October 2019 Poetry in the context of society

Morning Dr Stephen Logan

Afternoon Dr Stephen Logan

5 November 2019 Fireworks: the science and the history

Morning Dr Tom Smith

Afternoon Dr Mark Nicholls

12 November 2019 What is Philosophy for?

Morning Dr Alex Carter

Afternoon Dr Alex Carter

3 December 2019 Renaissance culture

Morning Dr Jessica Maratsos & Dr Raphael Lyne

Afternoon Dr Bettina Varwig & TBC

10 December 2019 The development of the English Language

Morning Dr Karen Ottewell

Afternoon  Dr Karen Ottewell


21 January 2020 Visions of the Future

Morning Dr Hugh Hunt & Dr Paul Coxon

Afternoon Dr Gwenhivir Wyatt-Moon & Dr Lewis Owen

28 January 2020 Global political disruptors

Morning Dr Tanvi Pate & Dr Andrew Moran

Afternoon Sir Tony Brenton & Dr Sung-Mi Kim

4 February 2020 Baroque culture

Morning Dr Victoria Avery FSA & Dr Rodrigo Cacho

Afternoon Evelyn Nallen & Dr Patricia Fara

11 February 2020 East Asia

Morning Dr Mihye Harker & Hazel Zheng

Afternoon Dr Koji Hirata

25 February 2020 First past the post-truth: reinventing politics in an age of alternative facts

Morning Dr Alex Carter

Afternoon Dr Alex Carter

3 March 2020 New materials shaping the future

Morning Dr Darshil Shah

Afternoon Dr Luisa Pedro

10 March 2020 18th-century culture

Morning TBC & Dr Louise Joy

Afternoon  Dr Stefano Castelvecchi & Dr Matthew Bothwell


21 April 2020 Magical Worlds

Morning Valentin Gerlier

Afternoon Dr Jenny Bavidge

28 April 2020 Archaeology of the Afterlife

Morning Dr Isabelle Vella Gregory

Afternoon Dr Isabelle Vella Gregory

12 May 2020 19th-century culture

Morning  TBC

Afternoon Dr Chloe Valenti & Dr Hugh Hunt

19 May 2020 History and Philosophy of Happiness

Morning Dr Samantha Williams

Afternoon Dr Alex Carter

2 June 2020 Examining intelligence

Morning TBC & Dr Paul Elliott

Afternoon Dr Kanta Dihal & Dr James Grime

9 June 2020 20th-21st-century culture

Morning Dr Aline Guillermet & Dr Jenny Bavidge

Afternoon Timothy Watts & TBC

16 June 2020 Antarctica uncovered

Morning Dr Bryan Lintott

Afternoon  Dr John Shears

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