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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Q. Where is the ICE library located?

The ICE Library is normally located in the Student Resource and Study Centre – which is located on the ground floor of the courtyard bedroom building adjacent to the main courtyard. Owing to social distancing requirements, this room is currently closed to Students, but you can still reserve books online and come to Madingley Hall Reception to collect them. Alternatively, you can opt to have books posted out to you instead. ICE will cover the cost of postage to you, but you will be responsible for the cost of returning the book.  

A receptionist is on duty to accept returns and issue reserved books from 7:30am - 10:45pm.

Q. When is the library open?

The ICE Library is normally open from 07:00 to 23:00 every day apart from the Christmas closure, however, owing to social distancing measures the room is currently closed to Students until further notice. You can still reserve books online and come to Madingley Hall Reception to collect them. Reception is open every day from 7:30am - 10:45pm.

Q. Is there a charge for joining the library?

No. Use of the ICE library is free to any ICE Students on Award-bearing courses

Q. Is there a charge for borrowing a book?

No. All loans are free, but charges may be applied for late returns or loss / damage to books.

Q. How do I know the book titles available in the library?

You can view all of the titles available on the ICE library website Use the website.

Q. How do I request a book to borrow?

All loan requests should be made via the Library System.

Q. If I request a book where can I collect it from?

Until the Library is open to Students again, all book collections will be from Madingley Hall Reception. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours after making your reservation to allow us to collect your book for you and make it available at reception.

Q. How do I get access to the online Library System?

We will endeavour to proactively provide students on Award-bearing courses with access to the Library System, so you should receive an email (from Librarika) with an invitation to join the library when you commence your studies at ICE.
If you have not received an invite, please email

Q. How long will my library access be valid for?

Your library access will be valid for the duration of your studies at ICE, and will automatically expire when your course ends. Access will typically run from September to August.

If you need to have your access extended for any reason, please contact with further details.

Q. How many books can I borrow at any one time?

To ensure a fair allocation of books across our Student community, there is a cap of 2 books out on loan at any one time.

This cap is enforced by the library system.

Q. How long can I borrow a book for?

We have a maximum loan duration of 14 days.

It is not possible to extend an existing loan beyond this point, so should you wish to borrow a book for longer than this you will need to submit a new loan request.

Q. Do I need to provide identification to borrow a book?

Yes. You will need to present the Receptionist with your Student ID Card or some other form of photo ID – such as a driving licence or passport. If you are unable to prove your identity your loan request might be refused.

Q. Will I be reminded that I need to return a book that I have on loan?

Yes. You will be sent an email by the library system 72 hours before the return due date & time.

Q. How do I return a loaned book?

We would prefer that you return any loaned books to Reception at Madingley Hall so that the book can be physically checked for any damage prior to being booked back in on the Library System.

Q. Are you able to post a book out to me?

Yes. Whilst the library room is closed to Students, we are also offering a postal service for those who are unable to come to Madingley Hall Reception to collect their reserved book(s). ICE will cover the cost of sending the book(s) to you, but you will be responsible for any return postage costs.

If you wish to have book(s) posted to you please follow these steps:

Step 1: Reserve the book(s) as you would normally via the Librarika system

Step 2: Forward your reservation email to and ask us to arrange for the book(s) to be posted to you. This email should include details of the book(s) reserved as well as your name and full address including postcode.

We will send the book(s) out to you by recorded delivery and aim to post within 48 hours of receipt of your email.

For details of how to return the book(s) to us, please refer to the relevant FAQ

Q. Can I return a book by post?

If you do return the book by post, please ensure that it is sent by recorded delivery so that you are covered in the event of the book being lost. Please also ensure that the book is adequately protected (e.g. in a jiffy bag) to prevent damage.

Q. Where should I post books back to?

If you are returning a book by post, please send to:

Institute of Continuing Education
Madingley Hall
Cambridge. CB23 8AQ

Q. What happens if I return a book late?

ICE are not intending to charge for late returns for now and are hoping that such a step is not required. If late returns become an issue, we will revisit this decision and introduce fees for late returns. If we do need to take this step, all students will be notified before the fees are introduced.

ICE reserve the right to remove a Students access to the Library for persistent late returns.

Essentially the library is based upon mutual respect and trust.

Q. Can I suggest books to add to the library?

Yes. If there is a book included on a module specification’s reading list that you would like to suggest that we should add to the library, please email with full details of the book (including ISBN number)

Q. What if I damage a book?

Normal wear and tear is to be expected, but if you damage a book in any way, please notify Reception when the book is returned or email

If the extent of your damage means that the book is no longer suitable for loan to other students, you will be required to pay for a replacement book and you can keep the original copy.

Q. Does the library have any e-books available?

No. At this time, we only have printed copies available. Dependent on student demand, we might introduce e-books at a later date.

Please check the University Library catalogue though, the e-book version may be available with them.

Q. Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

This mailbox is not monitored 24/7, so please expect a short delay in responding. At busy periods, this might take up to 2 working days.

Q. Can I give feedback to help improve the library service?

Yes please, your comments are very welcome.

Please email comments and suggestions as to how we might improve the service to