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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Rules for use of the ICE Library

The following rules apply in general to the ICE Library, Institute of Continuing Education, and Madingley Hall (hereafter referred to as the 'Library')

Access and Admission

  • The normal opening hours of the Library are linked to the hours of Madingley Hall Reception – and are Monday to Sunday 07:00 to 23:00,  excluding annual Xmas closure period.
  • As a result of the need to introduce social distancing measures, the Library space itself is closed to all Students until further notice, but loaning of books from the library is still possible.
  • There is no charge for use of the Library
  • Only Students who are studying Award-bearing courses at the Institute of Continuing Education are permitted to loan books from the Library.
  • Students will be sent an email inviting them to join the Library. If such an invite is not received, please notify
  • Library cards are not issued. Students should use their Student ID card or any other form of photographic identification (such as a passport or driving licence) when requesting to loan a book.
  • If the Student is unable to provide photographic identification when collecting a book, their loan request might be refused.
  • Access to the ICE Library System will be automatically removed at the end of the Student’s period of study.

Borrowing Books

  • No Student shall borrow more than two books at any time.
  • The maximum loan duration allowed is 14 calendar days. Should a loan be required for longer than 14 days, a separate loan request should be submitted.
  • Students should submit all reservation requests via the ICE Library system – which is accessible at
  • Once a book has been reserved, the Student is responsible for collecting the book from Madingley Hall Reception, where Reception staff will validate the Student’s identification and issue the loan on the ICE Library system. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours between submitting your request and collecting the book from Madingley Hall Reception.
  • If students are unable to attend Madingley Hall to collect books, ICE are temporarily offering a postal option too.   ICE will bear all costs related to posting the book to the Student, but Students shall be responsible for all costs related to its return.
  • No book borrowed from the Library may be taken or sent outside the British Isles except with written permission of the ICE Librarian.
  • If a book is found to be damaged, details of such damage should be notified to Madingley Hall Reception staff at the point that the loan is taken out – so that this can be noted. Failure to notify damage at the start of the loan may result in a Student being held responsible for any damage noticed upon return.  
  • Where a book is being posted out to a Student, Madingley Hall Reception staff shall inspect the book prior to postage and note any damage prior to issue.
  • Students will be charged the full replacement cost (including any additionally incurred charges, such as delivery) in the event that ICE needs to replace a lost or damaged book.

Returning Books

  • Students should ensure that any loaned books are returned to Madingley Hall Reception on or before the loan end date.   
  • Books can also be returned by post. In the event that a Student decides to return a book by post/courier rather than bring it back to Madingley Hall Reception in person, they should ensure that the book is adequately packaged (e.g. in a ‘jiffy’ bag) and is returned via a recorded service so that they are able to prove that the book was dispatched and are able to make a claim against the carrier should the book be lost in transit.
  • In the event that a Student opts to return a book by post/courier, they should address the package to: Reception, Institute of Continuing Education Library, Madingley Hall, Madingley, Cambridge, CB23 8AQ.
  • All costs related to the return of books to ICE shall be borne by the Student.
  • There is no penalty for late return, and the Library will operate on a fair use policy.
  • If a Student is found to be persistently late in returning books, their access to the Library might be removed.