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It is of utmost importance for the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education to ensure that the wellbeing of students and staff are prioritised throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Consequently, sadly, all of our face-to-face short courses have been postponed until 31 July 2020. Also, given the restrictions on international travel, this year’s International Summer Programme has, unavoidably, been cancelled.

However, where appropriate to do so, we are continuing to deliver award-bearing courses to students by remote means. Additionally, our fully online short courses are ongoing. This approach is consistent with the strong tradition in adult education of continuing to teach in all eventualities, if feasible to do so. 

The ethos of continuing education has always been, and is even more prominent at times like these, to support adult learners in pragmatic ways given their individual personal circumstances. 

We realise that many of our students are key workers, parents and guardians engaged with home-schooling, community volunteers and some, of course, may have concerns regarding job security. Our approach will aim, wherever possible, to assist our students through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also know, particularly during uncertain times, how important ongoing learning is to promoting good mental health. The Public Health England mental health and wellbeing advice amid the coronavirus outbreak, published in late March, highlights the value of learning something new. 

More broadly, we are also supporting the fight against coronavirus by providing accommodation to key workers at Madingley Hall. We are proud of the Hall team’s commitment to this vital work for as long as the outbreak persists. All at ICE wish to extend our thanks to key workers across the NHS and other essential sectors.

We are most grateful to all our students and alumni for the warm wishes they have sent our academic staff and programme teams since the coronavirus outbreak began. We value your support and look forward to working with you across these challenging times to ensure the disruption to our student community’s learning is kept to an absolute minimum.

With warmest regards,

Dr James Gazzard
Director of Continuing Education
University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education


Below we provide information for students of the Institute of Continuing Education and Madingley Hall on novel coronavirus (COVID-19).



Click here to read the University of Cambridge's guidance.


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