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Delaying your start date (Deferral)

We do not operate a deferral process.

If you apply for a course and later wish to postpone your entry, you must withdraw and reapply for a later presentation (see the Cancellations and Refund Policy).

Acceptance on a future offering of the course is not guaranteed.


Taking a break (Intermission)

We recognise that a variety of external factors can affect your ability to study part-time and, where possible, we will try to enable you to continue or complete your studies when you are able to do so.

In cases of particular and unforeseen difficulty, such as serious illness - your own or that of a close family member - or an unexpected change in personal circumstances, you may request to intermit, i.e. to take a break from your studies and return at a later date to complete them.

Financial difficulty will not normally be considered an appropriate cause for intermission.

See our Intermission Quick Guide and our Intermission Terms and Conditions document for additional information regarding this process.


Stopping your studies (Withdrawal)

If circumstances arise which mean you consider withdrawing from the course, it is important to discuss them with your Course Director and/or Academic Director who may be able to direct you to sources of help and advice.

If you do decide to withdraw from a course you should contact your Academic Centre Coordinator as soon as possible. Standard cancellation conditions will apply (see the Refund and Cancellation policy).

If you have withdrawn from a course, your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) access will be suspended and you will no longer have access to the VLE. You should also return your University card to the Student Data Manager at ICE at the point of withdrawal.




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