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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

All students are asked to conform to the University's Rules of Behaviour to maintain the ICE community. It is recognised that breaches of these rules do not always require disciplinary action as a student may be in significant distress or causing significant concern to those around them due to possible health difficulties. The Procedure to Support and Assess Capability to Study allows us to take a supportive approach to enable students to continue with their studies with the appropriate support, or to take a break until they are fit enough to return. 

If you are facing mental or physical health difficulties which are affecting your studies, you may wish to contact either your Course Director or Head of Academic Centre Administration or the Deputy Director of Academic Centres: Student and Professional services, who will be able to offer pastoral assistance and direct you to appropriate internal and external sources of support and guidance.

Where there are concerns regarding a student's capability to study, the University acts under the Procedure to Support and Assess Capability to Study. Full guidance, including who can initiate and use the procedure can be found on the Supporting and Assessing Capability to Study website. The procedure will only be used in cases where a student's behaviour or disruption is perceived to be of a serious or potentially serious nature. 

For ICE students, the following roles can initiate the procedure:

  • Director of Continuing Education;
  • Director of Academic Centres Division;
  • Deputy Director of Academic Centres - Academic
  • Deputy Director of Academic Centre - Student and Professional Service
Course type: 
Master of Studies
Online Course
Postgraduate Non-Award Bearing
Part-time Master's Degree
Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma
Polar Leaders
Professional development
Short Course (1 day)
Short Course (2-7 days)
Short Course (5 wks part-time)
Undergraduate Certificate/Diploma

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