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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

The assignment submission deadlines are provided in the course guide for your course. It is important to manager your assignment deadlines so you can submit your work on time. Your Course Director and Tutors will be able to provide techniques on how to manage your deadlines and there are useful study tips and advice on time-management in the student Information section on the VLE.

Short-term Extensions Procedure

We understand that sometimes things happen which may affect your ability to study or prevent you from submitting work. If this happens you are advised to contact your Course Administration team to discuss your options. You may be able to request a short-term extension of up to two weeks (unless stated otherwise in your course guide). 

Examples of grounds for a short-term extension request:

  • short-term illness of self or dependents;
  • unanticipated changes in personal circumstances;
  • unexpectedly heavy work demands.

The following reasons would not normally be accepted as valid reasons for a short-term extension:

  • misreading information about submission deadlines;
  • holiday arrangements;
  • social commitments;
  • normal work pressures;
  • religious festivals;
  • technical software, hardware, network or internet problems.

To request a short-term extension, you should complete an online Extension Request Form before your assignment deadline. Alternatively your Course Administration team can provide you with a copy of the form and guide you through the process.

Regardless of the nature of your extension request you will normally be asked to provide documentary evidence to support your application.The exact evidence will depend on the nature of the claim but may include a medical letter from your GP or hospital, a letter from your employer or legal documents. Any evidence provided must be time-relevant to the period you are making a claim for.

Once complete, the form and documentary evidence should be sent to your Course Administration team to process. All documentation will be treated confidentially within ICE and will only be viewed by those necessary in the decision making process.

If an extension is granted, you would be expected to meet the agreed deadline. A request for a second extension cannot normally be considered.

Additional information

Extensions Quick Guide


Mitigating Circumstances Procedure

The mitigating circumstances process is intended to help those facing severe or unexpected difficulties. Students may request an extension to their assignment submission deadline (over two weeks), request late penalties be deducted from their work or that they resubmit their work without a capped mark.

For the Mitigating Circumstances Procedure please click here.

You should complete a Mitigating Circumstances Form as soon as you can for each unit where your work or performance has been adversely affected by significant events. Please note that the deadline for the submission of this form for each unit is below: 

  • Unit 1 (Michaelmas 2021): 21 January 2022 
  • Unit 2 (Lent 2022): 8 April 2022 
  • Unit 3 (Easter 2022): 27 June 2022 

If you are studying a course which did not start in October please discuss the appropriate date to submit your claim with your Course  Administration team.

For the Mitigating Circumstances Quick Guide click here.


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