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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

If you are studying on an award-bearing course at ICE, you will need to set aside sufficient time for the demands of the course. You should ensure that you are able to prepare for your taught sessions so that you can participate in these and in the discussion forums in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). You will need to complete any required reading and go beyond the course materials to develop your knowledge further; for example, through further reading, or through visits to sites and museums. You are also required to undertake all course assignments.The time for fulfilling these requirements is included in the recommended study hours laid out in the Qualifications and Awards page.

Full engagement with your course, including attendance at teaching sessions, is a factor in achieving successful outcomes. Regular attendance is essential in enabling you to contribute to and benefit from the strength of your peer-learning community. As such, you are expected to attend all of the teaching sessions scheduled for your course. If you must miss a session due to unforeseen and significant circumstances, you should inform your Tutor and the Course Administration team in advance of the session. Regular non-attendance will result in a meeting with your Course Director to discuss your course progression. If you should encounter any significant personal issues which affect your ability to attend, please contact your Course Administration team in the first instance and you may wish to consider the Mitigating Circumstances Procedure or Intermission.

Deciding to study for any course is a significant commitment and success often depends on the support of family, friends and employers. If you are unsure about whether you will be able to set aside the time required, or are in a role where your workload fluctuates, we recommend that you discuss this with the appropriate Course Director and/or Academic Director who can advise you on the specific commitments for the course.

Achieving a qualification

To achieve an award-bearing qualification you must meet all the following requirements:

  • submit all of the assessed assignments for your course;
  • demonstrate the achievement of all the learning outcomes expected from the course by achieving a pass mark for each unit and/or tasks stated as a requirement in the syllabus;

In addition, we expect you to:

  • participate actively in class work and/or in activities in the VLE, where appropriate;
  • attend the teaching sessions; full attendance is expected. If you must miss a session owing to unforeseen and significant circumstances, the Tutor and Course Administration team should be informed as soon as possible.

All courses have their own handbooks or course guides detailing specific requirements that must be fulfilled in order to achieve a qualification. Copies of these handbooks or course guides are available on the course pages of the website and on the VLE.

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