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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

About the complaints procedure

If you are unhappy with the experience you have received at ICE, there is a Student Complaints Procedure for you to use in order to try and resolve the situation. All complaints are treated seriously and will be handled with due sensitivity.

A complaint can normally only be made by the student affected, and normally within 28 calendar days of the event or issue being complained about. Where issues raised affect a number of students, those students may submit a group complaint, although to manage the process the group will be asked to nominate one student to act as the group representative.

Any reference in the Complaints Procedure to an ICE officer or other named role includes a deputy appointed by that officer or role-holder to exercise the functions assigned to that officer under this procedure.

The Complaints Procedure

The ICE Student Complaints Procedure for non-award bearing students has three stages: 

For the full Student Complaints Procedure please see: Student complaints procedure - for students studying a non-award-bearing programme

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