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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Cambridge is made up of 31 colleges and prospective students choose a College at application. Colleges provide a ready-made community and support system while studying, offering a wide network of connections and membership for life. The following Colleges were available to students on the IPM in 2020-21.

Girton College

128 Fellows 500 Undergraduates 135 PhD Students 82 Other Graduate Students

Girton College is geographically one of the largest colleges, with the most open space contained within its grounds. The College is situated 2.5 miles from the city centre. The college was established in 1869. It was the first Cambridge College to admit women and one of the first residential colleges in the UK for female students. The College has accepted male and female students since 1976. With an award-winning library, it is also the only college with an indoor heated swimming pool and on-site sports fields. Girton has a reputation for musical talent and has held the millennial exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters since 2002. Students are attracted to its large but close community within a quiet and peaceful environment.


IPM Students: Students selecting Girton College will become full members of the College and will have the option to choose accommodation at Swirles Court.

Lucy Cavendish

(Female only)

40 Fellows 120 Undergraduates 115 PhD Students 180 Other Graduate Students

From October 2021, the College will admit women and men from the standard university age.

Lucy Cavendish is one of the smaller Cambridge Colleges creating a more intimate atmosphere, and one of the most diverse: 410 students come from more than 60 countries. The College was founded in 1965. Lucy Cavendish lies close to the city centre, in tranquil grounds featuring a cluster of Victorian and 1990s buildings. It is particularly strong in medicine and veterinary medicine, English and the social sciences, including law. The College hosts an annual fiction prize for unpublished writers. Student are attracted to the friendly community feel, and getting acquainted with people quickly.


IPM Students: Students selecting Lucy Cavendish College will become full members of the College and will have the option to choose accommodation at Mount Pleasant Halls.


271 Fellows 135 Undergraduates 340 PhD Students 28 Other Graduate Students

Situated in the leafy area within Cambridge, near the University Library and the Sidgwick site. The college was founded in 1965 as "University College", but was refounded as Wolfson College in 1973 in recognition of the benefaction of the Wolfson Foundation. It is deemed one of the most cosmopolitan colleges with students from over 70 countries. Wolfson College members are typically mature undergraduate and graduate full-time students. The library comprises over 60 quiet places to work and is open 24 hours a day all year, apart from the 25–26 December and 1 January. Wolfson is one of the strongest graduate rowing colleges in Cambridge. Student are attracted to the informal atmosphere, diverse student body and social scene.


IPM Students: Students selecting Wolfson College will become full members of the College and will have the option to choose accommodation at either  Mount Pleasant Halls or Swirles Court.  Accommodation is provided by Lucy Cavendish and Girton College however College membership will remain with Wolfson College. 

College Provision includes:



Student Support

  • Advisors
  • Counselling
  • Assigned tutor
  • Financial advice
  • College nurse


  • Library
  • Study areas
  • Computer labs
  • College Chapel
  • Prayer rooms (all denominations)
  • Medical room


  • Gym
  • Sports
  • Clubs and societies
  • College bar
  • Student Common Room

Events and Entertainment

  • Formal Hall 
  • Speaker events
  • Concerts
  • Guest lectures
  • Exhibitions
  • May Ball


  • Porters
  • Domestic team