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Angela Heung

Angela studied on the 'Adventures in Fiction: Time' course on our Virtual Summer Festival of Learning.

This course exceeded my expectations in every way, from the selected course contents, structure, to the delivery methods (powerpoint presentations, author interviews, video analysis). The professor was very responsive, always addressing students' questions in detail and giving us tailored information and guidance as much as possible. Her professionalism and passion for this subject shines through every session.



Desiree Vlekken

Desiree studied on 'An Introduction to Social Psychology' course on the Virtual Summer Festival of Learning

I'm new in this course and its out of sheer interest that I signed up which I'm glad I did. I also appreciate Johnny's [the] teaching method (and subtle humor) which enabled me to brush up my own critical thinking skills considering I finished University 20 years ago. Over-all it was inciteful and enjoyable.



Mary McNally

Mary studied on the 'European Cultures of Collecting' course on our Virtual Summer Festival of Learning

It's been an utterly, utterly brilliant course and I am going to try and do an online one in the autumn with ICE - maybe the Italian Renaissance or Northern European one!



Penny Davies

Penny took part in the 'Exploring Water in Contemporary Poetry' course on our Virtual Summer Festival of Learning'

Just wonderful. An exhilarating, exciting, invigorating week. A time I treasure which will ripple out into the years to come, not just for me but probably for all concerned. The tutor and the other participants all gave so many helpful suggestions it was a complete joy and has enriched my understanding and knowledge of poetry. Thank you.



Rachel Ivell

Rachel took part in our Virtual Summer Festival of Learning

Having the opportunity to still engage with Cambridge ICE, although virtually this time, is something I did not see coming and am extremely grateful for.



Rebecca Sloane

Rebecca studied on the 'Henry VIII and the Politics of Magnificence' course on our Virtual Summer Festival of Learning'

I loved the fact that the professor included documents like art works, and interactive maps for us to investigate and study. That made the experience much richer and interesting for me. I also appreciated the fact that she responded to the online forum every day.



Beverly Bevis

Beverly studied on the 'Five Great Poems' course on our Virtual Summer Festival of Learning.

I really enjoyed this course, found it enriching and appreciated having background information as well as discussion of the poems themselves. It's hard to believe that each session was only 40 or so minutes long, when each contained so much.



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