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Our online courses offer you the opportunity to study at Cambridge...wherever you are in the world. These short, intensive adult-learning courses are open to anyone with an interest in the topic and give you access to world-class learning led by Cambridge experts.


Choose from a growing programme of both subject-specific and multi-disciplinary courses throughout the year, on topics including ancient history, psychology, philosophy, literature, creative writing, forensic science, religious studies and more.

This online course format includes an introductory orientation week to meet your fellow students and prepare yourself for five weeks of tutor-led independent study and discussion. You will be able to study 'anytime, anywhere' and contribute to ongoing lively discussion and debate with your fellow students and your tutor, each week. Active participation is expected and encouraged. In the final week you will receive personal feedback from your tutor, and a Certificate of Participation will be awarded to participants who contribute constructively to weekly discussions and exercises/assignments for the duration of the course.

During each online course you will be introduced to up-to-date and wide-ranging resources to support your study. To ensure that you are able to make full use of these resources to lead you into further exploration of your chosen topic you will retain access to your course for two years after your study with us.

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Current courses

TitleStart DateStatus
Introduction to property investment 14 April 2014 3 places left
Life coaching 21 April 2014 Full
An introduction to international development: understanding contemporary issues and themes 21 April 2014 Full
Creative writing: an introduction to travel writing 21 April 2014 Full
How do fossils record evolution? An exploration of the nature of the fossil record 21 April 2014 9 places left
Athens and the 5th century intellectual revolution 21 April 2014 11 places left
Science behind the headlines: online discussion group 29 April 2014 14 places left
Philosophy through literature: online reading group 29 April 2014 Full
Forensic science: poisoning 2 June 2014 10 places left
Creative writing: an introduction to short story writing 2 June 2014 Full
Psychology in context 2 June 2014 14 places left
Introduction to philosophy of film 2 June 2014 13 places left
Saving planet ocean: an introduction to marine conservation 2 June 2014 13 places left
Crystals from the inside out 15 September 2014 15 places left
Executive coaching online 15 September 2014 8 places left
Creative writing: an introduction to life writing 15 September 2014 11 places left
Ancient Rome: the city, society and infrastructure 15 September 2014 13 places left
Forensic science: DNA analysis 15 September 2014 13 places left
Googling the earth: online resources for discovering landscape archaeology 27 October 2014 14 places left
Applying psychology to the workplace 27 October 2014 16 places left
Evolution: unravelling the meaning of life 27 October 2014 13 places left
Creative writing: an introduction to travel writing 27 October 2014 18 places left

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Past courses

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