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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

Collage of Undergraduate students


Whether you’re taking your first steps in higher education, looking to boost your career, fill a gap in your knowledge or simply learn about a topic that fascinates you, an undergraduate course offers a structured way of achieving your goal. 

Part-time undergraduate qualifications are an affordable and popular option for people who cannot commit to a full-time three-year bachelor’s degree or who require more flexible ways of obtaining CATS credits. At the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), you can either focus on one subject, or learn multiple subjects by stacking your qualifications. With our part-time and online undergraduate qualifications you’ll receive teaching that will expand your knowledge of a particular field. An undergraduate certificate is taught at first-year undergraduate level, an undergraduate diploma is taught at second-year undergraduate level and an undergraduate advanced diploma is very much like a final year of undergraduate study. 

Besides learning for personal enrichment, an undergraduate qualification can potentially open doors for you at work or in education. 

"Having left my previous role to look after our children, this Coaching course is a way of realigning my career to something I’m passionate about." Matthew, Undergraduate Certificate in Coaching student.

Earn an undergraduate qualification from the University of Cambridge ICE

ICE is the first ever university-led continuing education department in the world. We provide part-time undergraduate study courses in three areas:

●    Creative Writing and English Literature 
●    Arts and Sciences
●    Professional Studies

Undergraduate certificates and diplomas are formal qualifications that allow you to earn CATS credits, recognised by higher education institutions and employers. 

An undergraduate course from ICE gives you access to teaching from leading experts and a qualification from a globally recognised university. You’ll attend classes online with other students, be given feedback on your work, and receive an undergraduate qualification on successful completion of the course. 

You do not need any prior qualifications to study on the majority of our part-time undergraduate courses, except for an English Language requirement if English is not your first language

Find the best part-time undergraduate course for you

ICE provides part-time undergraduate courses in a wide variety of fields. Whether you are looking to improve your knowledge of genetics, launch a career in coaching, or learn how to write non-fiction books, browse our undergraduate courses to find the right programme for you. 

Most of our part-time undergraduate courses last one year and begin in the Michaelmas term (October). 

Contact us to find out more about our undergraduate courses.

Undergraduate Awards

Applications are closed for this year's courses and will reopen for 2024-25 later this year. You can register your interest on any of the courses listed below from the course page.

Advanced Diplomas

What is the difference between a certificate and a diploma for undergraduates? 

The main difference between certificate and diploma courses relates to the level of learning involved. A certificate course is taught at a level equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree (FHEQ Level 4), while a diploma is taught at the level of second-year university study (FHEQ level 5).

The undergraduate advanced diploma course at ICE is very much like a final university year, with research submitted for evaluation (similar to a traditional dissertation). This is the equivalent of FHEQ level 6, and gives you the chance to work closely and collaboratively with qualified researchers in your chosen field. 

Most of our students start with a certificate before undertaking a diploma course, where depth of knowledge in their subject area can be built upon. 


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