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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Margaret McKenna

Margaret studied on the Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Research Theory and Practice


I retired from my full-time job in 2017. Since then I have taken three Diplomas at ICE, and am now studying for my fourth. The courses have been challenging, inspiring and stimulating and have opened my eyes to new possibilities, and the support from lecturers and tutors has been really positive too. This is the first time that I have studied a Humanities subject – my first degree was in Physics and my working life was in Business Management – but History of Art has been a passion of mine for many years. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how I have adapted to a new discipline and learned a new way of approaching a topic that I find fascinating. The challenges of a new subject and new approaches to learning have expanded my horizons as I retired, and provided a welcome focus for thought, particularly through the pandemic.

George Xia Zhaohong

George studied on the Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Research Theory and Practice


My background is in training and education, and I chose to study on this high-quality course because it aligned with my professional interests. I enjoy the lectures and one-on-one meetings with my research supervisor, who is an expert in the field. Since studying here, I have already taken on more responsibility at work teaching IELTS, business administration and educational assessment. I’ve noticed that my teaching and learning effectiveness has improved too. I want to continue learning in this field, and am currently looking into postgraduate and Master’s courses which I can take in the next three years.

Andrew Bramwell

Andrew studied on the Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in the Arts


I first graduated in 1981 and since then have worked as a teacher, psychologist and counsellor. I love Cambridge, the excellent teaching, resources and the opportunity to extend my research interests. The atmosphere of learning and scholarship and the opportunity to make new friends from around the world has been really enjoyable. Studying on the Advanced Diploma has given me confidence in my abilities, and that is the biggest achievement. I feel like my journey has only just begun, and I would very much like to continue my research at Cambridge.

Undergraduate Advanced Diploma

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