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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


100 Patrons+ Campaign

Make a donation to our 100th Anniversary fund and help us to support students from around the world. 

In 2023 the University of Cambridge International Summer Programmes celebrated a big anniversary. At 100, we are one of the oldest Summer Programmes in the world. Our courses last between just one and four weeks, but can have a lasting impact on anyone who attends.

We offer an opportunity for intensive study of new or favourite subjects as part of a truly international group. Classroom diversity, with mixed-age, mixed-nationality and mixed-ability groups all add to an enriching experience.


Whilst we firmly believe that the Summer Programmes offer good value for money, we appreciate that not everyone can afford to come. In 2022 - with support from our Institute’s James Stuart Fund - we assisted 9 students from Ukraine and 2 from India, offering fully-funded stays of between two and four weeks. But there are many more people around the world who would benefit from bursary help to support their application.

We’ve evidence of what receiving a full- or part-funded place has meant to students in the past. Recipients of bursaries in previous years have found it easier to go on to further study, had better options for career moves, and have joined with many regular fee-paying students in declaring that the Summer Programmes have been truly life-changing.

100 Patrons+ Campaign

We are currently seeking 100+ people who would help us to fund full tuition and accommodation places for students on this year’s Summer Programme. The aim will be to match funds raised with donations from the Institute's James Stuart Fund. Each one-week stay – tuition and accommodation – is around £1,500, a two-week stay costs around £3,000. Whilst we would hope for many donations in excess of £1,000, we would set the minimum gift level in the ‘Centenary Patron’ category’ at £500. We’re also aware that we may receive many lower-value donations: hence the reference to 100 Patrons+. 

Our 100 Patrons+ Campaign strives to create an endowment of at least £50,000, with funds going to support places both for 2023 and for future years. The Centenary Patrons will be added to a new donors board at the Institute’s Headquarters, with named lists posted each year in the Summer Programmes Office.

For those in the UK in the Summer time, there will be an annual Patrons’ Reception (with the opportunity to meet Bursary Recipients), and Patrons would receive updates on the Campaign and Bursary Recipients each year.

We hope you may be able to join the list of Patrons. If you can help with any amount, please click the 'Make a Donation' link above, then click the 'Giving Online' button at the top of the page to make your donation.  

If you wish to do so, please let us know that you have made a donation to our 100 Patrons+ Campaign.

Thank you for your support.