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Binita Mahato

Studied Strategic Business Management Undergraduate Certificate


"My aspirations centre on impactful leadership in strategic business management. The programme was pivotal in sharpening my strategic thinking- it provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to address complex business challenges. The programme equips me to make a tangible impact in my field, setting me on the right path to achieve my career goals.  

I gained invaluable insights into skills that are crucial for success in a competitive business environment. The course opportunities to work on real-world case studies and collaborative projects honed my problem-solving abilities."



Yemi Ayeni

Undergraduate Certificate in Strategic Business and Management student Yemi


I was furloughed and made redundant last year, but the Cambridge Thousand Futures bursary gave me the opportunity to study on this course, and I’m so grateful. I have over a decade’s experience in the education sector and I chose to study on this course to build on my skills as well as learn how to set up my own business in the future. The quality of the course content is outstanding, the staff and Course Director have all been so supportive and I have loved learning alongside likeminded individuals. It has been such a long time since I wrote an essay that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but receiving such positive feedback has been really encouraging and given me much more self-confidence.



Amos Akinwale

Undergraduate Certificate in Coaching student


Although I’ve won awards for helping young people discover their leadership potential, that doesn’t mean I know everything. There is always more to learn. I was born in Nigeria and chose to study at ICE because it provides such a flexible opportunity for development. I really enjoyed being exposed to the intellectual challenges of Cambridge and enhancing my critical thinking skills. The Coaching course has enabled me to maximise my potential and learn about my subject niche while giving me the chance to meet different people with a similar passion. I really feel it has transformed my life and helped me achieve my purpose.



Mabel Martinelli

Undergraduate Certificate in Coaching student Mabel


After starting a family, I returned to study partly to be a positive role model for my three, young daughters. I want them to know that they can be whoever and do whatever they want; that they matter. ICE is a magical place to study – you can feel the history in the corridors. It’s a privilege to learn here alongside like-minded adults as we all juggle our complicated lives. I’m taking Coaching to supplement my ongoing PhD in Psychotherapy that’s focused on helping people with mental health issues to flourish. Making people happy and fulfilled is such a rewarding endeavour, and this course is giving me new perspectives on how to do that.



Eric Manu

Undergraduate Certificate in Coaching student Eric


I’ve attended some well-known private sector coaching courses, but nothing ever came of them. When I found the ICE Coaching course, I visited an Open Day and asked the staff lots of questions. I was very satisfied with their answers. My business is global, and the University of Cambridge is a highly respected name worldwide. Studying here has raised my prestige and increased interest in the services I can offer. Clients are reassured by the quality of a Cambridge education, and I’ve learned a lot about myself by studying here too. As well as gaining a greater understanding of the principles of coaching, I’ve grown in confidence and built a good network of ICE contacts.



Valerie Skelly

Undergraduate Certificate in Coaching student valerie


Coming to ICE has meant learning from the best tutors at the best institution in magical surroundings. I enjoy how the academic format challenges students to explore their personal learning limits, and making connections with students from around the globe enriches the learning experience. I’ve found that writing academic papers has led me to apply an analytical process to other aspects of my life, helping me feel more confident and thoughtful about decision-making, problem-solving and explanation. This course has given me the knowledge and confidence to move my career in a different direction. I believe a designation from Cambridge will set me apart from the competition and give me the edge I’m looking for.



Matthew Wilson

Undergraduate Certificate in Coaching student matthew


Having left my previous role to look after our children, this Coaching course is a way of realigning my career to something I’m passionate about. Through my studies, I’ve become more reflective about my own behaviour and gained a better understanding of what makes me happy. I chose ICE because of the Cambridge reputation, the thorough course content and the prospect of a ‘proper’ qualification. I’m inspired by the subject, setting and tutors here, and I’ve been taken aback by the support of my peer group – something I’m sure will continue after the course ends. Everything at ICE is as it should be at one of the best universities in the world.



Laura Nicholson

Undergraduate Certificate in Coaching student Laura


My family and I recently moved to Cambridge from Zurich. I’d worked internationally for 20 years, and I’m at a point in my life where I can take time between jobs and study a topic I wanted to explore. I feel privileged to walk the corridors at Madingley. The ICE tutors are inspirational, and the students are helpful and supportive – I’ve already gained a network of great friends. I never dreamed that I’d undertake a diploma. Doing so has brought a new confidence in my own potential. I look forward to earning a University of Cambridge qualification and starting up my own coaching practice with the skills and self-belief I’ve gained.



Elizabeth Mendes Da Silva

Undergraduate Diploma in Coaching student Liz


I chose this course to challenge myself and try something different. The tutors are so approachable and mindful of everyone’s different commitments and experience, which has allowed me to balance studying with being a full-time working mother. Studying alongside many other students from different backgrounds is fascinating. Even studying virtually, I have always felt a deep sense of connectedness to my peers and I feel as though I have widened my network and made genuine friends. The course has allowed me to become professionally accredited and transform a passion project into a not-for-profit Coaching business. I signed up for this course to help others but I’ve gained so much myself, from newfound confidence to a sense of fulfilment that I didn’t have before.




Susannah Chambers

Undergraduate Diploma in Coaching student


"The course was highlighted to me as an opportunity through one of the guest speakers. I was not very confident at the start about my academic writing ability as it's not a skill I felt I excelled at. However, through practice and taking on board feedback from the excellent tutor support I was able to surprise myself in improving this skill, which was reflected in the 'excellent' grade I achieved! My client base has already increased and I've received a variety of superb testimonials from a range of coaching clients who benefited from me applying my learning from the Diploma in Coaching at ICE to my daily coaching practice. "


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