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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Data Science Career Accelerator - in collaboration with FourthRev:

Build the skills, project experience and commercial mindset to succeed as a leading data scientist.

  • Start Date: 24th June 2024
  • Application deadline: 17th June 2024 
  • Time commitment: 20 hours per week. 
  • Support: One-to-one career coaching plus weekly sessions with an industry expert 
  • Portfolio development: Work on 20+ industry-relevant projects, including a live 6 week project with an organisation like the Bank of England
  • Payment plans: Flexible options available

Why choose this Data Science Career Accelerator?

The aim of this programme is to ensure that acquired data science skills and competencies are purposeful, aligned with real-world business needs, and offer the depth required to ensure a competitive edge.

Throughout this Career Accelerator, you will:

  • Develop a portfolio of real-world projects based on challenges set by leading employers.
  • Learn the advanced tools, techniques, and skills from the foremost academic and industry practitioners, currently being promoted by data professionals.
  • Master the essential statistical concepts and principles to future-proof your data science career in the era of AI.
  • Cultivate your ability to think commercially by tackling business challenges presented throughout the programme.
  • Become a more holistic practitioner by understanding how to make data science models implementable within business.
  • Set yourself apart by demonstrating legal, moral, and ethical responsibility and awareness of cutting-edge technologies.

Benefit from 1:1 executive coaching

  • Benefit from six 1:1 coaching sessions that provide tailored career advice, aiming to enhance your professional growth in data science. The sessions focus on your unique career aspirations, tackling your questions, and equipping you with practical strategies for success.
  • Participate in four group sessions that address essential career topics, such as how to set meaningful career goals and stay on track, managing your mindset for career success, navigating imposter syndrome with confidence, and forming effective teams.

These sessions offer a shared learning experience, enabling you to gain insights from your peers while understanding the broader context of your career journey.

Who you’ll learn from

Dr Ali Al- Sherbaz- Assistant Professor and Academic Director for Digital Skills courses at University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education. 

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Programme Details

  • Orientation (3 weeks): familiarisation with the digital campus, introduction to your support team, connect with fellow learners and plan your studies.
  • Course 1 (6 weeks): Applying statistics and core data science techniques in business.
  • Course 2 (6 weeks): Solving business problems with supervised learning.
  • Course 3 (8 weeks): Applying advanced data science techniques.
  • Employer Project: Finish the programme by exploring the future of data science alongside a live business project to build a portfolio of evidence which showcases the range of skills and competencies gained throughout the course.

Learn the advanced tools, techniques, and skills that are currently getting data professionals promoted.

Course 1: Applying statistics and core data science techniques in business.

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving 
  • Statistical skills for data science
  • Applying feature engineering
  • Unsupervised learning

Course 2: Solving business problems with supervised learning.

  • Machine learning concepts
  • Linear/polynomial/logistic regression
  • Decision trees, random forest
  • Ensemble methods: Bagging and boosting.
  • XGBoost
  • Neural networks and deep learning (Tensorflow)
  • Model tuning

Course 3: Applying advanced data science techniques.

  • NLP
  • MLOps (Modelling: Deployment, monitoring, and assessment)
  • Time series analysis and forecasting

Course 4: Exploring the future of data science, with a live business project.

  • Generative AI, Chat GPT and other LLMs - ethical AI and business applications
  • Culminating project to showcase the range of skills and competencies gained throughout the course. Collaborate effectively within a cross-functional team, using multidisciplinary approaches to solve complex real-world problems set by leading industry partners, and create strategies that maximise potential business value.


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Programme Q&A with faculty: Data Science Career Accelerator

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