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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Data Science Career Accelerator - in collaboration with FourthRev

Build the skills, project experience, and commercial mindset to succeed as a leading data scientist.

Start Date: 30 September 2024  

Application Deadline: 23 September 2024  

Time Commitment: 20 hours per week  

Support: One-to-one career coaching plus weekly sessions with an industry expert  

Portfolio Development: Work on 20+ industry-relevant projects, including a live 6-week project with an organisation like the Bank of England  

Payment Plans: Flexible options available - enquire now


Why choose this Data Science Career Accelerator?


The aim of this programme is to ensure that acquired data science skills and competencies are purposeful, aligned with real-world business needs, and offer the depth required for advanced roles in data science and AI.


Key features and benefits:


  • Comprehensive curriculum: Covering advanced topics such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), time series analysis, and generative AI, ensuring you stay ahead in the fast-evolving field of data science.
  • Hands-on experience: Engage in practical, real-world projects designed to build your portfolio and demonstrate your ability to apply data science techniques to solve complex business problems.
  • Industry mentorship: Benefit from weekly sessions with industry experts, providing you with insights into current trends and best practices in the field of AI and machine learning.
  • One-to-one career coaching: Receive personalised career guidance to help you navigate your career path, identify your strengths, and position yourself for success in senior data science roles.
  • Live industry projects: Gain experience through a live project with a high-profile organisation, such as the Bank of England, where you will apply your skills to real data challenges.
  • Flexible learning: With a commitment of 20 hours per week, balance your professional development with other responsibilities through our structured yet flexible programme.


Who should enrol?


  • Aspiring data scientists: Ideal for individuals looking to transition into data science with a strong foundation in machine learning and AI.
  • Experienced professionals: Perfect for those already in data-related roles who want to deepen their expertise and move into senior data science positions.
  • Career changers: Suitable for professionals from adjacent fields looking to leverage data science skills to drive innovation and business growth.


Find out more about entry requirements and your eligibility in the programme brochure.


Curriculum highlights:


1. Machine Learning and AI: Master regression, classification, boosting algorithms, and sophisticated ensemble techniques. Learn to develop and fine-tune advanced machine learning models tailored to diverse organisational scenarios.

2. Deep Learning: Explore neural networks and deep learning techniques to draw hidden insights from complex data structures. Utilise frameworks like TensorFlow to build and optimise models.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP): Delve into NLP to understand and generate human language, enhancing your ability to work with unstructured text data.

4. Time Series Analysis: Gain expertise in analysing time series data, crucial for financial forecasting and trend analysis.

5. Generative AI: Discover the power of generative AI for creating new data instances and enhancing your analytical capabilities.


View the full curriculum breakdown by requesting the programme brochure




“This is not a bootcamp, it’s not where you go to learn coding, it’s where you go to actually become a fully-fledged data scientist. It’s supposed to develop you into an industry-relevant data scientist, so that's why I chose this, because other programmes would focus on teaching Python, and at the end of the day, you don't actually get the fundamentals or the real background of everything, and how to apply that on a larger scale…currently in my job as a data scientist, I have to build business cases and make recommendations from analytical models….and in the end, I have to convince management to make certain types of Investment.”  

— Giwa., Current Learner


“What I really like about the course is that there are lots of examples which relate back to business and how it can be applied in practical settings. I think what the course has done a very good job on is showing me how the theory is applied for real and I think that’s really important”.  

— James., Current Learner


Join us for a transformative learning experience


Prepare to accelerate your career in data science with cutting-edge skills in machine learning and AI. Apply now to secure your place in this comprehensive program and take the next step towards becoming a leader in the field of data science.


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