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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


The Institute of Continuing Education collaborates with FourthRev to deliver new industry-focused education programmes. 

ICE and FourthRev, the education company, who build world class online learning programmes are developing industry co-designed “Career Accelerators” to help address the shortage of high-demand technology and technology-adjacent roles.

Our first programme will be on data science and its application in workplaces, which will emphasise strong statistics capabilities alongside commercial knowledge, project experience and interpersonal skills to apply data science in ways that will deliver high value for businesses.

Learners will create a portfolio of projects that evidence their skills, enjoy live masterclasses from leading practitioners in the industry and enjoy the support of a dedicated professional career coach and success manager to help advance their learning and career goals.   

Dr James Gazzard, Director of Continuing Education at the Institute of Continuing Education states:

“We are committed to helping adult learners from all backgrounds gain access to the digital economy, and our collaboration with FourthRev to develop Career Accelerators will play a key role in delivering on that mission.  This first programme plays to our strengths as a high-quality provider of work-relevant continuing education, a department of the University of Cambridge, and the city of Cambridge’s reputation as one of Europe’s most successful knowledge economies." 

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