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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)


Queens' College facilities include:

Single en suite rooms; a limited number of twin en suite rooms; wifi access in rooms; bed linen and towels; laundry room; Chapel

Overlooking the River Cam, Queens’ boasts the famous Mathematical Bridge and some of the most iconic views in Cambridge. The College offers a magnificent dining hall, historic courtyards, quiet gardens and modern rooms: the best of both worlds.

Queens’ College is conveniently located between the heart of the city and the teaching rooms. The College was founded in 1448 by Margaret of Anjou (wife of Henry VI) and refounded in 1465 by Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV. The Old Hall, Old Kitchens, Munro and Erasmus Rooms date from this time. The sundial in Old Court dates from 1642, and the precursor to today’s Mathematical Bridge was constructed in 1749-50.

The modern single en suite rooms are situated in the recently refurbished Cripps Court.

Queens' College provides served buffet-style dinners (generally taken in the Old Hall or Cripps Dining Hall) and a traditionally-served Formal Friday Dinner (in the Old Hall). Breakfast is self-service in Cripps Dining Hall.

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